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You Cannot Change What You Have Done But You Can Change What You Do Next

You Cannot Change What You Have Done But You Can Change What You Do Next.

Ms. Slater, it is important that you come forward and tell the truth. 246 more words

Film Noir Friday: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)

Fritz Lang’s last American motion picture is the 1956 film noir Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. Written by Douglas Morrow, this film has a shoestring budget but nevertheless boasts big names like Dana Andrews and Joan Fontaine. 631 more words



Con: v. to cleverly and fraudulently persuade but impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt before a judge and/or in court unless there is actual (audio and/or visual) evidence of the crime and/or evidence from many reputable witnesses… 246 more words

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Prove: v. to convince that a subset(s) exists and/or has existed and/or will exist beyond a reasonable doubt

Science proves theories about physical reality with repeatable scientific lab experiments and mathematics. 312 more words

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Truth beyond a reasonable doubt or TBRD: n. is unaltered and/or unmodified audio visual dated and timed evidence in court from a reputable source proving something existed in the past with a certain amount of certainty even though audio visual evidence can be tampered with very skillfully and pose as reality when it isn’t reality… 219 more words

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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.

You Better Be Damned Sure.

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt is a well-known phrase frequently used in books, movies, & television shows. It is the highest standard of proof in the criminal justice system. 143 more words

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The Atheist's Cudgel: The Burden of Proof

As I have discussed various issues with atheists over the years, I have noticed that there is one area about which they are more sensitive than any other.  2,138 more words

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