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Prove: v. to convince that a subset(s) exists and/or has existed and/or will exist beyond a reasonable doubt

Science proves theories about physical reality with repeatable scientific lab experiments and mathematics. 312 more words

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Truth beyond a reasonable doubt or TBRD: n. is unaltered and/or unmodified audio visual dated and timed evidence in court from a reputable source proving something existed in the past with a certain amount of certainty even though audio visual evidence can be tampered with very skillfully and pose as reality when it isn’t reality… 219 more words

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Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.

You Better Be Damned Sure.

Beyond A Reasonable Doubt is a well-known phrase frequently used in books, movies, & television shows. It is the highest standard of proof in the criminal justice system. 143 more words

Aaron Hernandez

The Atheist's Cudgel: The Burden of Proof

As I have discussed various issues with atheists over the years, I have noticed that there is one area about which they are more sensitive than any other.  2,138 more words

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Logical Gal and the bias against circumstantial evidence

Ask 9 out of 10 passers-by and they will most likely maintain that circumstantial evidence is weak.

And maybe one piece is, but I have been learning that there is POWER in the cumulative effect of multiple pieces of circumstantial evidence. 434 more words