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Book Review - Beyond Belief by Jenna Miscavige Hill

A fascinating look into Scientology. I never knew that much about Scientology so seeing what is going on inside was really interesting. It’s crazy how this happened recently as it seems like something that would have taken place a long time ago. 19 more words


LASTing Peace, Beyond Belief, Week 3a

We are continuing in our study of spiritual maturity using my newly published Bible study, “Beyond Belief: Jesus Saved You, Now What?” Pick up yours and join us here each Monday! 18 more words

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LASTing Peace, Beyond Belief, Week 2c

We are continuing with the follow-along videos for my newly published Bible study, “Beyond Belief”. Grab a copy on Amazon and join us!

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LASTing Peace, Beyond Belief, Week 2b

We are continuing a series of videos designed to accompany my newly published Bible study on spiritual maturity. You can find that here and Join Us!

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A Matter Of Practice

The mere heartbeat in which I realised that connecting with the sacred mystery is ultimately a matter, not of belief but of practice, was a singularly transformative moment for me. 967 more words

Christopher Writes

An Elvis Costello Tour of London: Part One “The Factory Tour”

Like with any major city, a trip to the great city of London can be greatly enhanced by taking a guided tour. They come in all genres, and rock music fans have several general ones to choose from as well as some specific to The Beatles. 495 more words

Elvis Costello

LASTing Peace, Beyond Belief, Week 1c

Are rules and laws obsolete for mature Christians? If so, what takes the place of the rules and boundaries?

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