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MICHEL FOUCAULT : BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL documentary, 1993, 42 min

Michel Foucault was a French philosopher, historian of ideas, social theorist, philologist and literary critic.  Michel Foucault: Beyond Good And Evil is a documentary directed by David Stewart and produced by the BBC as part of a series called“The Late Show”. 308 more words


Beyond Good and Evil: 240–46


Part eight, “Peoples and Fatherlands,” begins with what sounds like a rousing tribute to Wagner and German music in general. And yet as Nietzsche’s reflection unfolds, it becomes clear that he thinks little of the state of modern German affairs: 1,201 more words

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Beyond Good and Evil: 230–39


In the previous reading Nietzsche had given us a series of virtues that he believes the “free spirit “will exercise, along with a description of the kinds of circumstances in which those virtues will exist (especially in suffering). 1,064 more words

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Podcast: 'Beyond Good and Evil' Review

The next Game Warp Podcast is here. we are breaking out from the indie mold for a moment and looking at a Playstation 2  Greatest Hits from 2003 developed by Ubisoft called Beyond Good and Evil. 107 more words


Beyond Good and Evil: 222-229


Virtue is something that must be deeply felt. This is not to reduce it to an emotion, but rather to argue that it is something which must engage the whole person, including the affections: 1,281 more words

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Beyond Good and Evil: 213–21


Nietzsche wraps up part six by noting the double-pronged difficulty of both being a philosopher and communicating to others exactly what that means. In order to become a true philosopher, one must both be born to it and receive the right kind of training: 783 more words

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Beyond Good and Evil: 208–212


The reading from last time covered Nietzsche’s view of the “objective” philosopher. Today we see what he thinks of the skeptical ones—and he clearly doesn’t think much of them, despite their apparent dominance in society (or at least among the scholars): 1,210 more words

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