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E3 2018 Conference Review: Ubisoft

Its the most wonderful time of the year……

We now are at the fourth conference of the E3 2018 gauntlet, as it is Ubisoft’s turn to shock the world. 452 more words

Video Games

Even More Video Game Trailers!

A bunch more video game trailers came out of E3 this weekend, and I’m the sort of guy to share them all on a lazy Tuesday! 293 more words

Video Games

Ubisoft Doesn't Blow Any Minds, But It Put On A Solid Press Conference

Coming off of the Square-Enix conference, it was easy to feel really let down by E3 this year. Sure, Microsoft’s showing was outstanding and full of surprises, but everything else was mediocre at best and atrocious at worst. 774 more words


Hopes, Prayers and Expectations for E3

The biggest event in the gaming calendar is upon us, here is what to look out for.

The stage is set, the company shills have prepped their scripts and with 24 hours to go until E3, the time for speculation is almost over. 1,951 more words


The Beaten Diaries #13: Dishonored and Why Stealth is Fun for Some People (and not me)


So, I’m really bad at stealth. I mean really bad. First of all, it makes me paranoid, and who enjoys feeling paranoid? 1,182 more words


A NewBie to Nietzsche

So as usual having been up to no good and projects progress taken a collateral hit since I ventured into the unknown lands of philosophy. All due credit to none other than myself who without going into the prerequisites by fluke took the decision to start with probably one of the greatest German philosophers of all time as I thought it was high time to put out my own versions more professionally and learn to develop a layered construct of whose voids I can fill up with what I think best fits, instead of wasting them incessantly in those long showers which laid the very foundation of seeds of inception of suspicious thought in my family which is “What does he do for that long..”. 246 more words


Music Spotlight #5: Christophe Héral


Yesterday I beat Beyond Good & Evil, and oh man, I think that the soundtrack is one of the best things to enter my ears in a long long time. 584 more words