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Beyond Good and Evil: 36–44


There is something of a problem with masks in Beyond Good and Evil. Nietzsche argues in today’s reading that sometimes we just have to hide reality: 1,048 more words

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Beyond Good and Evil: 26–35


In the last post we saw that innocence and ignorance provide a foundation for joy and wisdom that can be undermined by systemization. This does raise the question of where the community fits in to wisdom. 930 more words

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PSTS Episode 214 - Red Dead Redemption 2, Beyond Good and Evil Rumors, and Yet More P.T.


Halloween is just around the corner! It doesn’t mean much for video game news, but it does mean it’s time to play scary games, so Jeff and J.D. 47 more words


Beyond Good and Evil: 20–25


In sum, the problem with philosophy—the “prejudices of philosophers,” as it were—is that they are not actually engaged in either thinking that discovers new ideas or moral reflection that reveals the basic nature of existence. 1,022 more words

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Beyond Good and Evil: 11–19


Today’s reading continues Nietzsche’s catalog of the errors of philosophers. These sections focus on writers more contemporary to Nietzsche, albeit with some  references here and there to older writers as well. 694 more words

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Beyond Good and Evil: Preface–10


Supposing truth is a woman—what then? Are there not grounds for the suspicion that all philosophers, insofar as they were dogmatists, have been very inexpert about women? 694 more words

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What I’ve Been Playing (10/9/16)

Hey, fellow nerds!

Welcome back to another Sunday! Hope everything is going well. I’m going to jump right into everything as today is a fairly busy day. 698 more words

What I've Been Playing