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Nietzsche on Women

So I got to the sections where Nietzsche gets into women. True, if we take him literally it doesn’t seem he has the highest opinion of them. 603 more words

My Thoughts

Linger and listen...

The highland stream
Is joyfully pouring Hear!…

The light is purling too No one there has seen The Shadow of The Good or the Bad.


Poor Mans Reviews: Beyond Good and Evil

Release Date: November 11, 2003
Systems: PS2. PC. Xbox, Game Cube
Developer: Ubisoft
Rating: T
Metacrtic Score: 83

Ask almost anyone who has played “Beyond Good and Evil” and you will almost assuredly hear nothing but praise. 1,089 more words


Morality and Libertarianism Idiocy

I find libertarianism an intellectually insulting ideology, its proponents often have preverse ‘moralities’ and justify a rampant selfishness under a bourgeois elitism masquerading as intellect; it is the type of movement that capture people that question the dominate narrative, funneling them into a movement even more supporting of the current paradigm.  775 more words

Breaking It Down

photography games

Some video games have attempted to incorporate ‘photographing’ as core parts of the game mechanics. These have sometimes an educational feel, often including rating algorithms that analyse the composition of the game-photograph. 231 more words

Old school red pill pt 2.

I am just about done with Nietzche’s “Beyond Good and Evil” which the major thrust is that conventional morality is enslaving and a way to keep superior males down and as a form of power control.  682 more words


Beyond Good & Evil : One

With Nietzsche, one of the first fears is spelling his name wrong but that should be the least of one’s worries. (always a bad sign when I refer to myself as one). 976 more words