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Slave Morality and the Left

In Beyond Good and Evil, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche developed the concepts of master morality and slave morality. Master morality is the higher morality of the aristocracy, while slave morality is the morality for the commoner and the herd. 1,275 more words


i was lonely, too

is untruth a condition of life
the antithesis necessary
to give form and shape
to the thesis

is every object only defined by what it is not? 556 more words


A Perspective on Beyond Good and Evil and Not Finishing Games

You ever sit down to play a game that’s been praised up and down the internet as a cult classic, only to find that you’re just not getting it? 1,980 more words


Anita Sarkeesian Proves Again that She Has Impossible Standards

So, remember when I said that Anita Sarkeesian’s standards for video games are so impossible that not even she can attain them? Because if I didn’t say that before, that’s what I think. 3,795 more words

DP On Feminism

Hilariously Endorsing One's Enemies (A response to Anita Sarkeesian)

It’s funny when you watch people who think that they are so smart be made to look so dumb.  Like, really funny.  The kind of funny where I am unable to process it because of the levels of funny that I am seeing.  1,028 more words


Jade - Positive Female Characters in Video Games

Anita Sarkeesian has released a new video on her youtube channel: feministfrequency on Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. The video is pretty good, but people are accusing her of hypocrisy over a character trying to expose a cover up, and Anita being part of… some… anti-GamerGate… cover up? 351 more words

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