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The ‘Death of Shame’ and the fear of children in From the New World

So binary is our design, that in order to quell the innate anger, aggression and violence at the epicentre of our species, a failsafe was written across the infinite tides of our subconscious. 1,924 more words


Beyond Good and Evil

“If we spell the word ‘live’ backwards, it will become ‘evil’, in which, evilness exists in our lives, in all of us. If we are humans, we will then have our intelligence to search for the truth that is beyond good and evil.” 20 more words


The End of Atheism

I’m, first and foremost perhaps, a dreamer. The thing is, I am constantly met with the rhetorical and oracular claims and battle cry of atheism that theism has been totaled as a failure and wondering at how this conclusion has been arrived. 1,747 more words


"She who fights with monsters..."†

It’s funny how ego can be the greatest master. You can only defeat it -or rather become reconciled with it, ’cause ego CAN’T actually be defeated- by facing it. 124 more words

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - You probably don't want it as much as you think you do

Let’s travel back in time over a decade to the most culturally barren era in living memory – the early 2000’s. The wallet chain is an essential fashion accessory, Pop Idol is still on TV, and my hair is irresponsibly long. 1,217 more words


Captive Yoga 1.5

Riding on the courage and vision of Light a Path’s creators, the first ever men’s yoga program comes to an inspiring “conclusion” tomorrow, Tuesday.  We now begin. 584 more words


Before good and evil.

The wilderness of the mind is where bestial thoughts roam.