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A SoCal Kind of Christmas

In San Diego International Airport, rays of sunshine blast headlong into the baggage claim area, warming our luggage on the turnstile. As we descend the elevator into main lobby, we New Yorkers can’t help but feel like vampires—the light, the light!   217 more words


Surfing and Self-Realization

**Sorry for the silence, but I have been tending to my health and well-being with a long-overdue trip to my hometown of San Diego, where I had the most wonderful time visiting with family and friends. 311 more words

Beyond Smallpeace

The Princess and the Deadly Pea: A Hopeful Ending with a Lesson

Here’s the thing about breast cancer: it has infuriating self-possession. When a lump decides to make an appearance, it does so on its own timetable, at its own discretion. 538 more words


Flaming Catus, Batman! Still No Bathroom?

Day 836 without a working bathroom.

All right, all right, it’s only day eight. Still, it feels like 836. And is evidenced by all the dirty laundry I have been lugging around on the subway, we are officially living like nomads, depending on the kindness of our friend and said friend’s blowup mattress. 232 more words


LONG ISLAND CITY: A Life of Contrast

They had weathered the storm together, all four of them, neighbors in an old tenement building for nearly 20 years. All veteran residents of 9/11 and the blackout of 2003, they had learned from experience that being prepared was always preferable to being without light, without food, without friends, without an exit plan. 383 more words


Finding Smallpeace in the City

What makes us stop seeing? Why do we spend so much time looking forward to things instead of simply enjoying the moment?

Here’s the thing, there is no excuse for not looking. 199 more words


A Proustian Adventure, a Turkish Delight

“She knew, though Edmund did not, that this was enchanted Turkish Delight and that anyone who tasted it would want more and more of it….” 355 more words

Beyond Smallpeace