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Beyond the Black Rainbow OST Review

By Marek Robert 

Panos Cosmatos’ debut feature Beyond the Black Rainbow was released in 2010 and has gained a cult following amongst film connoisseurs and synth score lovers. 852 more words


Two Very Different Paranormal Films

Paranormal Films?

This is not a genre, but it is an apt descriptor for films that have a concept based on paranormal phenomena or events. … 944 more words


Suuns and Jerusalem In My Heart - “Gazelles In Flight”

It doesn’t sound like this guy’s car is gonna start—dead battery, probably.

We do eventually get some song, here—at around the one-minute mark—though you won’t find much melody beyond the sci-fi soundtrack variety (says one YouTube commenter: “It sounds like the beginning of a paranormal show, for a long time.”). 77 more words


Beyond the Black Rainbow Themed Valentine's Day Cards

Hey guys. I made some Valentine’s Day cards for you. Whether or not your baby’s seen Beyond the Black Rainbow shouldn’t matter. Hope these help.

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)

Written and directed by Panos Cosmatos. Stars Eva Bourne, Michael Rogers and Scott Hylands.


The year is 1983 and it has been nearly twenty years since the Arboria commune has developed true happiness through the use of pharmacology and science. 320 more words


Beyond the black rainbow

Se på bildet. Det burde egentlig holde til å vite om du har lyst til  se filmen eller ikke. Vanvittig stilig sci-fi. Stikkordene ellers er klinikk, pasient, creepy pleier, tortur og jente med spesielle evner. 339 more words