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Return of the 31 Days of Our Favorite Horror: Beyond the Black Rainbow

Beyond the Black Rainbow (2012)  Dir. Panos Cosmatos

I watched this movie not really sure of what to expect. I recall seeing a trailer for this film in the theaters, the Drafthouse, of course, and immediately made note of it. 652 more words

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Movie Quote of the Day - Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010)

Barry: I’m not….I’m not okay. I went to another world Rosemary. I see what others cannot see.

Rosemary: Please…

Barry: I looked into the eye of the god. 

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365 Days Of Ham

365 Days of Ham –> Beyond the Black Rainbow(2010) dir. Panos Cosmatos

365 Days Of Ham

365 Days of Ham - Beyond the Black Rainbow (2010) REVIEW

My short and spoiler free review of the 2010 sci-fi horror thriller Beyond the Black Rainbow.

365 Days Of Ham

Playlist for May 18, 2015: CANCON Edition

Yet again, another CANCON Edition of Exit Music For Films. This was during the time that it’s recommended for community radio stations to play as much Canadian content as possible. 164 more words