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Intertwining The Not-So Magical Life of a Twin

Manya Chadha

The absurd case study of the “Jim twins,” focuses on a twin pair separated at birth, but reunited after 39 years. Upon meeting, the twins come to the realisation that they had both been raised by different families but had been given the same name. 769 more words

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What's Your Temperature Like?

Lisann Dias

Are you a passionate nature lover? Or do you fiercely want to contribute to conserving the environment in whatever small way possible? Does your heart sink every time you come across news stories of melting glaciers, rising temperatures, receding shorelines or shrinking forests? 887 more words

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Inside Pandora's Box

Gauri Atre

Are you a rock fan? No? Rhythm & Blues then? Okay, how about Jazz? Still not? Well, not your fault. Assuming you listen to music that pleases your ears, let us break the news to you: Genres are a thing of the past. 870 more words

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Are You 95% Confident That Your Job Is Significant?

Sanaa Badhwar    

There’s always that one subject that’s applicable everywhere. For us, luckily Statistics makes the cut. So no matter which field you want to get into- Counselling, Ethnography, Public Health, Human Rights, Sports Management, Pharmaceuticals, Financial Services, or our very popular alternative of Consulting, Statistics will take you a long way, no matter which path you decide to embark on. 731 more words

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HESI Prep Workshop available to help potential Nursing, RadTech students

The HESI test is required for any student applying for St. Clair County Community College’s Nursing or Radiologic Technology programs. 93 more words


SC4 Baja team has impressive showing in Kansas

Four dual-enrolled St. Clair County Community College students took on Baja teams from around the world this past spring and put on an impressive performance. 374 more words

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When a Victory Is More Than Just a "W"

Sometimes, the best lessons are taught outside the classroom.

During the 2017 Special Olympics Winter World Games that took place in Austria earlier this year between March 18–24, eight students from the private… 223 more words