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“Splish Splash”

On May 19th 1958, Bobby Darin single called, “Splish Splash,” was released as the first eight track master recording pressed to a plastic 45 RPM disc. 408 more words

Beyond the sea...

Beyond the sea… http://ift.tt/1dgTEaI @oralhulyasir: Down by the seaside… #Landscapes #Trending #Popular #Buzzing #Viral #Picture


Early Morning Edition

One habit that I’ve picked up post marriage is occasionally waking up far before what many would consider a ‘decent hour’. My mind turns on and there’s little hope of sleep returning. 585 more words

Beyond The Sea


Theme Week!  Actors who took on singing roles!  Here’s Kevin Spacey as Bobby Darin from Beyond the Sea.  Spacey can do anything.


THE X-FILES - 1x13 - 'Beyond the Sea'



Directed by: DAVID NUTTER

Looking back at The X-Files formative year from a character perspective, there may be a none more important episode than ‘Beyond the Sea’. 669 more words

Sail away with Alex

Alex Monroe is a fine storyteller. Tales from his childhood are handcrafted into jewellery in his London studio and shared with us all,  their timeless charm enabling them to be passed on to generations like a treasured book that stands the test of time. 170 more words


Happy Hundred

So, marriage is long term. It isn’t something you jump in last minute, sprint to the finish, and then pat yourself on the back 30 seconds later. 737 more words

Beyond The Sea