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Spain's solar powered power station - the future of energy

It is with a sense of deja vu, that I write once again to correct a few colourful statements made by Pat Lane about renewable energy. 576 more words

Renewable Energy

BZE Discussion Group

2013 – A win for community activism with Cam Walker (Friends of the Earth) 

Although state and federal governments have taken backward steps to stopping climate change, 2013 has seen many wins through community organised campaigns, proving that people power really can make a difference. 157 more words

Australia maps out smart energy plans


Climate solutions think-tank Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) and the University of Melbourne are launching a joint project that hopes to help developers build smarter buildings: eco-friendly and energy-efficient. 841 more words


Beyond Zero Emissions Buildings Plan Launch

Australia’s buildings were not designed to meet many of the challenges we face today.

We can act now to halve the energy use of our buildings, provide energy freedom and transform the places in which we live and work. 116 more words

Coal-fired Generation: the health costs of Australia’s energy industry

Earlier in the year I read an article on a Canadian research report detailing the health expenses resulting from using coal as an energy source. It found that using coal as a primary energy source in the province of Alberta adds $300-million to health expenses annually, including almost 100 premature deaths and 80 hospital admissions. 661 more words


Film Screening: Drying for Freedom

When: May 16th, 6.30pm

Where: Level 2 Kindness House, 288 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Contact: Ana Kantzelis 0411 640 446 (anakantzelis@gmail.com)

Are you ready to hear the inconvenient truth about tumble dryers? 137 more words

Let the (wind farm) games begin

Forget Question Time in Parliament. That’s just theatre.

And forget about the door stops, when politicians front a barrage of microphones outside the doors of the House of Representatives or the Senate. 952 more words

Big Wind Politics