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there is a beginning,

there is a beginning,
a middle, and an
end to novelty –
perhaps it
takes looking
just beyond
to recognize
the pieces that
stay, the moments
that reverberate


Star Trek Beyond Review — Beyond Expectations

Star Trek Beyond review

Attention—full spoilers

Less than a week ago I published a post about my hopes and expectations for Star Trek Beyond (Justin Lin, 2016), based on my thoughts and remarks about the previous two installments of the reboot franchise (read it by clicking… 1,595 more words


Technology and healthcare: an Israeli team finds out the benefits of virtual reality to prevent falls in the elderly

For the elderly, a fall can alter – or threaten – life permanently. Thirty percent of older adults living in a typical community, and as many as 60%-80% of older adults with mild cognitive impairment, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, fall at least once a year. 368 more words


Energy wheels pt.4 - the toltec way

Still staying on the same continent that is the three Americas, called by some natives the turtle island, by others the snake continent. The work of famous yet controverse anthropologist Carlos Castaneda gave us the birth and rise of the so called toltec (nagual) path of knowledge that could also be called the sorcerer’s and the dreamer’s way of knowledge. 1,201 more words