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Chasing the Prophesy - By Brandon Mull

Dad’s Grade: B+

Age: 9+

My favorite thing about Brandon Mull is that he has really good ideas. His stories are unique, and the plot is always easy to follow, and really engaging. 254 more words

New Avengers #30 (Marvel)

Rating: 3/5 – Requires References and Rereading, Read the Collection!
by ComicSpectrum senior reviewer Shawn Hoklas

I’ve been loving the Avengers and New Avengers series since they’ve been relaunched under the creative mind of Jonathan Hickman. 453 more words


What the Hell Is Going On?!: Time Runs Out (SPOILERS)

I don’t know about you, but when I read New Avengers #30 last night, I started yelling incoherently. Exciting stuff.

Two weeks prior, we had the reveal of what Hank Pym saw on his travels across the Multiverse: The Beyonders! 1,231 more words


Beyonders Speculation

In the New Avengers #29 this week

Their 1st appearance in Marvel Two in One #63 could be one to watch.

1st Beyonders. hmmmmm pic.twitter.com/fBbqCbJHrW

— EHTcomics (@EHTcomics) January 31, 2015


Welcome to Lyrian: Fantasy Worldbuilding

Once upon another time, I created a world for a dystopian/rebellion themed story called Gearhard Metropolis. It was a sprawling, busy, reckless city that embraced the feudal system fiercely by dividing the city into the Inner and Outer city, the poor on the outskirts, the rich smack-dab in the middle. 656 more words


Dragons and Wizards and Knights (oh my!)

Most readers, however harsh, cynical, world-weary, or Dystopian-loving, have a soft spot somewhere in there heart for the fantasy genre.

Even those who renounce the supposed “childish” ideals of magic, knights, and bravery can be caught sneaking around with a Tolkien novel tucked in their “The Beautiful and the Damned” Barnes and Nobel book bag. 130 more words


A Day with Brandon Mull

Earlier this week Topher, our Kid’s Outreach Director, took one of our favorite middle school authors, Brandon Mull, to visit local schools to talk about his new book,  70 more words