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Second Post - The Name and an Overview of the Beginning

Before Amazon’s founding in 1994, founder and current Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos was regretful. He was regretful that he did not participate in the internet boom of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. 236 more words

The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos's Fire Phone Debacle - Fast Company

Interviews with dozens of current and former employees reveal what went wrong and what it tells us about where Amazon is headed.


Why should you own a Kindle?

My happiest memories from school are those of the school library. Not because of what you are thinking (You Perverts!!), but because I was genuinely interested in books back then.  764 more words

50 Shades

Information, Intelligence and Opinion. Not at all the same.

There’s a lot of “stuff” being bandied about concerning publishing, indie authors, trad authors, Amazon, bookstores, Elvis, and what does the fox say?

The problem appears to be we’re viewing information, intelligence and opinion as if they are all equal. 1,007 more words

Write It Forward

Generation X | Latchkey to Success

Squeezed between baby boomers and millennials, smaller in number – Generation X has surprisingly and silently been changing the world for over a decade now. 368 more words

Social To Direct

Reports: Amazon.com HQ in Seattle evacuated after possible bomb threat; Update: Seattle PD confirms 'threats investigation'

Local Seattle media outlets are reporting that Amazon.com’s Seattle headquarters have been evacuated this afternoon after a possible bomb threat.

Amazon building in South Lake Union evacuated for bomb threat…

107 more words

Media Start-ups to watch (2) - Vessel

YouTube의 독점적 구조와 이에 따른 높은 수수료는 전세계적으로 콘텐츠 제작자들의 반발을 사고 있지만, 뚜렷한 대안이 없는 상황이다. Dailymotion, Vimeo 등의 유사 서비스들은 힘을 못 쓰고 있는 상황에서 Hulu의 수장 자리에서 하차한 Jason Kilar의 새로운 실험이 매스컴을 타고 있다. 43 more words

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