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Amazon HB2 Invites Your City To Be Blown To Smithereens

Amazon invites your city to submit a response to this Request for Proposal. Amazon is undertaking a spirited selection process and considering which North American city will be completely and utterly leveled with a hydrogen bomb. 861 more words

New Satire

A $42 million '10,000 year clock' is being installed on Jeff Bezos' property

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took to Twitter to announce that construction of the 10,000 year clock has begun on his property in Texas, with a view to encourage thinking about humanity in the long term. 320 more words


World's richest man uses OTS scorecards and "walks" to manage his Whole Foods workers

A recent report on the Jeffrey Preston Bezos‘ supermarket chain reminded me of when the owner of our newspapers hired an MBA efficiency expert, who had to justify his too high pay. 691 more words



U knjizi Carla Sagana “Kontakt”, milijarder  i biznismen S.R. Haden pomogao je glavnoj junakinji da dešifruje vanzemaljski signal koji je stigao na Zemlju.  Pored toga, njegove kompanije su učestvovale u gradnji “Mašine” koja je sagrađena po uputama misterioznog signala. 622 more words


Richest man in world ($115,000,000,000) offers only $8 a week raise to some of America's top journalists, meanwhile spending $42,000,000 for a cuckoo clock

Washington Post writers and reporters began the New Year with a major problem: their owner was offering a lump sum $12 a week raise in the first year of a new contract, and $8 a week in the second year. 1,138 more words