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The surge of Amazon: What makes it so incredible?

Amazon, quite simply, is an American e-commerce company that has erupted onto the global market in recent years, with its share price rocketing and customer base booming. 743 more words

This tech billionaire is now the third richest American

Amazon had a surprisingly great third quarter, posting earnings of 17 cents per share, when analysts were expecting a loss of 13 cents.

And nobody benefitted from this more than Amazon’s largest shareholder, Jeff Bezos. 116 more words


The Wirecutter's best deals: A Roomba, studio monitors and more

engadget.com – The Wirecutter

This post was created in partnership with The Wirecutter, a list of the best technology to buy. Read their continuously updated list of deals at TheWirecutter.com. 109 more words


In The Age of Disruption, Customer Love Is More Important Than Ever

techcrunch.com – Ron Miller

Think about how frustrated you were the last time you waited for your cable guy to show up, or how annoyed you got when you settled into the back of a cab, only to have the driver tell you he wouldn’t take a credit a card. 110 more words


Nielsen Is Tracking What We Like to Watch on Netflix

gizmodo.com – Maddie Stone

Global information company Nielsen is months into a program that allows it to track the performance of shows on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, the Wall Street Journal reports. 88 more words


Consumers are increasingly turning to the Web to shop for health and personal care products — here's why

businessinsider.com – Cooper Smith

From cosmetics to disposable razors, personal care items are increasingly being delivered to consumers’ doorsteps as more online retailers adopt subscription services. 75 more words