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Beauty Find #2: Lipstick Organiser

Yes, I found another little trinket. Yes, like my previous beauty find (which you can read about here) this is another find from Mr. DIY. 63 more words

Beauty Find

A Battlefield Classic Mode Will Be Delivered With The Next Battlefield 4 Patch And Might Add The Battlefield 2 Gameplay Experience

Good news For all Battlefield players who always prefered the gameplay experience of older Battlefield titles. DICE added a patch to the Community Test Environment (CTE) that includes a Battlefield classic mode. 314 more words


Battlefield 2

So yesterday i watched a few old youtube videos about battlefield 2, and i gave in to my desire and brought it on steam. I used a mod named bf2modify 128 or something, at last i got 128 bots to play with :P… 15 more words


It's a lie.

For some people they find happiness in socializing, going to the mall, or maybe dancing; for others they find it in, not just friends and family, but in playing games. 94 more words

DLC; Should It Be Free?

The last few weeks, as well as the last few years, the article where DICE mentions “We’ll never charge for DLC…” statement has come up when it comes to free content in games. 1,016 more words


New Project Reality Video Content: Fail Squad

You know those times where it starts well and just doesn’t go your way? Yeah, that was us. Right at the very start of the round the VCP takes an RPG round to one of the walls. 14 more words


Adding Realism in Battlefield

First, a congratulations to the Project Reality Team on 8 years of dedicated work to Project Reality, a Battlefield 2 mod. It will soon be out of beta and onto version 1.0. 1,126 more words