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Battlefield Hardline - Review

I’m going to break away from my usual stream of articles here and go off on a slight tangent. When I set up this blog I wanted to talk about loads of games, but especially Ubisoft games. 628 more words


Battlefield 3 (Xbox 360)

At some point, I was just like, “Hey I gotta sample this Battlefield which everyone on the internet is talking about”. I had to at least have an idea of why the FPS fan base is split in to two violent clans that are almost at each other’s throats: The COD (just in case some don’t know what this is, that’s short for “Call of Duty”) fanboys vs the Battlefield fanboys. 759 more words


Join Me!!!!

Hey guys!! It’s finally the weekend and I am super excited to be gaming continuously for 10 to 12 hours straight. For those of you who want to join me in a game of League Of Legends or Battlefield 3 or 4 or maybe even in Titanfall, you’ll find my IGN down here. 137 more words

My team is better than yours

At the end of some matches, or sometimes in the middle of them, I can read comments in the chat about what players think of the other team and even their own team. 460 more words



As I mentioned in the main disclaimer page of this blog, I am not responsible for people’s reaction to what I say. Each and everyone of you have control, or not, over your own emotions. 2,220 more words


Spiritual concepts in BF3?

It can be strange to invoke spiritual concepts in a blog about a war game such as BF3, but I think there are similarities between a few aspects of them and how the game is experienced. 1,435 more words


You noob rammer!

In the context of BF3, to ram means to push violently, to crash into something. That something is usually the enemy’s vehicule : jet, helicopter, tank, jeep, etc. 760 more words