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After buying a pair of GeekCon t-shirts for himself and his girlfriend Liberty, Travis enters the Hackathon competition. Being a Tech Guru, Travis puts in a good effort, but first place goes to his co-worker friend Andre DaSilva.

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Being a pair of geeks at heart, Travis and Liberty eagerly visit San Myshuno for the GeekCon Festival. They try out the motion gaming rigs and decide they definitely need one of these at home!

The Sims 4

Going Steady

Having had the best couple of days of his life, Travis asks Liberty if she feels the same way. Liberty can’t imagine her life without Travis being a part of it and they officially declare themselves as boyfriend and girlfriend.

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What can I do?

Hey it’s me again,

Sorry that I took the last post down but I felt really bad about it and my best friend didn’t want to talk to me after it as I did mention her in it and she is the only one that knows about this blog. 520 more words

My Life

Spa Day

The Perfect Balance Spa opens in Newcrest. Travis and Liberty decide to check it out and spend the day being pampered. Feeling very romantic after a few sparkling drinks, they head into the sauna and things get steamy.

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Second hand, bestie and Britney/Jen

My amazing charity shop haul. I got some great clothes for hardly any money at all! New trousers for £2 and a lovely man’s woollen jumper for £2 too. 31 more words

First Kiss

The chemistry between Travis and Liberty develops into a romance as they decide to explore the feelings they have for each other, starting with a first kiss that changes their relationship forever.

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