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Sleep Deprived and Hangry: That's why we need Therapy

Hello Internet…. Or just Dr. Zara and Sam. I feel like if I start this, I should start from the beginning so that you can see why we need therapy, and how this all even started (I may rant a little). 560 more words

Best Friend

Bath Bomb Blitz: Xmas Gift Pt. 2 Edition

Howdy! Today we are going to talk about the other bath bomb that my BFF gifted me for Christmas. It was a lovely purple and pink one with a Jasmine Rose scent. 246 more words


Here goes nothing...

but to us, it’s quite something.

We are here to share our experiences in motherhood.  Sometimes funny.  Sometimes frustrating.  Sometimes “did that really just happen”? 107 more words

Cheers to the Last Year of My Twenties!

I’m officially in my last year of my twenties y’all! I won’t lie, it makes me a little anxious writing that out. I feel like I was JUST dying to be 21 so that I could legally go to the bar with my friends, and now I’m only a year away from 30. 78 more words

Letter M

Letter M is very special for me, because plenty of weird things start with this letter. My name, for example. Magic. Muggle. Mudblood. Moon. Mole. Microwave. 203 more words


Study?? really?? zzzZZZ

Study? Really??

This reminded me of group study sessions we had in student life.

Sam and I had simple definition of group studies.

I would go to her place. 288 more words


Divergent their lives

Divergent lives now
Darting in mocking worldly plays.
Distant in form now
Shooting in parallel ways.

Once formed a bond
In candour and banter
Loving minds in their tender times. 49 more words