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From a Dog's Mouth to a Humans Ear

Monday, started off like any ordinary day, my Daddy Human woke up to go to work, so I spread my legs out and took over my, err our, um I mean his bed. 589 more words

Best Friend

Dua Hala


Balik pun hujan.

Till then, makcik! 😚


19 Ways To Know Your Best Friend Is The BEST Friend

1. You’ve developed a unique way of talking to each other in words and slang phrases you’ve perfected over the years.

2. When they make a purposeful change in their appearance — a big new tattoo, a new hairstyle, a gym bod — you remember what they used to look like and you watch them become a whole new person. 391 more words

Best Friend Scrapbook


I made a BFF scrapbook for my BFF (obviously) and thought I would share with you what I included so other people can get ideas. 1,002 more words

The gift of good friends, let me introduce you to one of mine

Friendship. It’s one of the most previous gifts we can receive, as well as give to somebody. I certainly value it deeply, especially true, meaningful friendships. 686 more words


My Best Friend

A few days ago I was talking to my friend BonnieG about God knows what but for some reason she mentioned her best friend which kind of upset me as I normally refer to her as my best friend so at that point I guess I kind of realised that the feeling wasn’t mutual. 966 more words

Young Adult Diary