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Am I really her BFF?


Sometimes people say that you are their BFF but the way they act shows that they don’t like you at all, Why would they lie to you? 92 more words


So, have you ever felt like an outsider with the insiders??

I don’t know how it happens, but sometimes I feel like though I have been friends with someone for a long time, I tend to be the outside part of the inner circle.   1,257 more words



So, life has been a bit cray cray of late and I haven’t been the best type of friend because of this. I haven’t had much time to check in and hang out with my faves, which sucks for me as much as it must for them (because I’m such a neat guy, obvs). 1,573 more words

Keep up with Kaleidoscopic Kadambari

My companion Kadambari
Always immersed in a reverie
I love her very much
There is no one as such
Tall and thin, graceful as ever… 161 more words


"I sing for love, I sing for me..."

It’s been four months since it happened and I feel relatively normal. Normal doesn’t mean “good” though. In fact, it’s the total opposite and a feeling ever reminiscent of that Sylvia Plath quote—the one about, if anyone looked at me too closely or even spoke to me, staring me in the eye, I would just burst out crying for a week. 1,369 more words


Angel in disguise...

Words can never describe how beautiful u have been
Beauty within and not just that can b seen
Like angel u descended in my life… 147 more words