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Guest Post - Bipolar Strong: She's got a 'plan' and the means but I'm in the psychiatric ward?

Above is my former best friend. Here’s why I say former.

My situation was this: After sixteen years of safe, intermittent pain relief,  (occasional, always less than prescribed)…but the side effects. 91 more words


When I removed my Birthday from Facebook

Let’s admit it.

We like people to make a fuss on this one. special day. But as far as I am concerned, I only want people I care about to be the ‘fussers’. 258 more words

Is Online Shopping Taking Away Your BFF Moment?

I have never been a big fan of online shopping…I know its super easy and saves up a lot of time especial for working people who don’t live in cosmo cities and a next door 7/11. 411 more words


Cuddly Dog

Oreo is my closest friend. Not closest because we’ve known each other for years and know each others most intimate thoughts. Closest because he is quite literally… 412 more words


Shrimp with Chobi Sauce and Patrick’s Buttered Scallops for dinner! More seafoods to offer. Try it on Choobi Choobi located at Robinson’s Galleria (Cebu) 😘

Lost At A Gaming Convention ...

A bit of humor. This was me and my best friend at PAX East this year. We have no sense of direction. #geekgirlsgonelost

note: we would not have survived without my husband helping us get around LOL! 38 more words


12 Moments When You Really Wish Your Long Distance Best Friend Was With You

1. When you want to cry but no one understands you. You need your best friend the most when you’re down, you need her to comfort you because she is the only one who could and you know that just a warm hug from her will make the pain go away. 588 more words