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Friday Favorites - Australia Style!

Here are a few of the things that I am loving most about Australia:

1. Greek Food

I neverhad true Greek Food before, and I am in love! 444 more words


Prickly Strawberry

“I’m so mad at Lilly!” I told Jack.  I listed a couple of things that she’d done to annoy me.  They seemed small even to my ears.  258 more words


Being Replaced 

I made this last year when my BFF seemed to forget about me. One of the funny things is that when I posted it on Facebook she liked it. But whatever…

Just My Thoughts

I love my friends I love my friends...

This has been my mantra today. In all actuality I do love my friends but sometimes I feel shafted. Like, “hey can you help me with…” Because it’s not like I don’t have my own 3 jobs I’m working or personal things to take care of. 144 more words


What munchkin time means to me as a Non

I am ‘Aunty’ to many and actual Aunt to a few and it is a title I cherish.

Last year my darling wonderful niece and nephew (aka my BFF’s kids) moved to another province and as my BFF knows all too well, I was brokenhearted. 412 more words


And this is how a heart breaks

“Of course I want to be your best man! Wow!” Fox beamed at him. “What a surprise! I am so happy for you!”
He didn’t have any struggle faking his bright smile. 36 more words


Photo Prompt - Contest Results

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FIRST PRIZE WINNER… 14,678 more words

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