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Chapter 6 - Part 4

“I’m honored to be speaking with you again, President Hasker,” Alan said.

He sat at the desk, phone sitting atop as he held the receiver to his head. 1,079 more words

Brave Fighting Sun

End of an Era

About ten years ago I started business school and most daily journeys to my classes went by listening to the chirpy baritone of Khalid Malik as he woke up the nation on his Breakfast Show on CityFM89. 482 more words


Chapter 6 - Part 3

Ayanna Ansa entered the office of the prime minister of Iiayikohn, well aware of why she was called in. She had requested the audience of Alan Berry the day before, something no one had done with him before. 1,221 more words

Brave Fighting Sun

Chapter 6 - Part 2

He waltzed into the coffee shop, the bell ringing as he looked for the woman he made a promise to. With a quick scan of the floor, he spotted the redhead sitting at one of the tables. 1,798 more words

Brave Fighting Sun

Christina's World (A Personal Perspective)

It could be the location of his works, mainly set on the coast of southern Maine, or, it could be because his paintings use to hang on the wall of my Father’s law office. 204 more words


Graph Algorithms (DFS & BFS) Explained

Depth-First Search (DFS)

Depth-First search traverse through a graph in a depth-ward motion. In DFS, it uses a stack to store vertexes.  It uses that stack to remember the next vertex to search when it done all the iterations in the previous vertex. 563 more words


[BFS-001] Blog for Stephen

What is for — thoughts on visiting ft Barrancas, staining my invisaligns, and other stuff 644 more words