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Digital Currencies, Bitcoin, and the Future of eCommerce

Money is going digital – it’s as simple as that. As Sweden considers a national digital currency, we discuss the implications for the future of eCommerce!

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Ignorance = Acceptance = Bliss

At the halfway house I live at, I was assigned some bedding when I arrived… a pillow, fitted sheet, top sheet and blanket…

Being a still detoxing, ungrateful jerk, I refused the pillow… still not sure why, but I went a week without one until I broke down and got one from my parents. 380 more words


10653 - Bombs! NO they are Mines!!

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using namespace std;
int r,c;
#define cln(a) memset(a,0,sizeof a)
int dx[]={+1,-1,0,0};
int dy[]={0,0,-1,+1};
#define uu first
#define vv second
#define pii pair<int,int>

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Course Schedule

There are a total of n courses you have to take, labeled from 0 to n - 1.

Some courses may have prerequisites, for example to take course 0 you have to first take course 1, which is expressed as a pair: … 407 more words

Topological Sorting Related



  • For each directed edge A -> B in graph, A must before B in the order list.
  • The FIRST node in the order can be any node in the graph with NO nodes direct to it.
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Given a positive integer n, find the least number of perfect square numbers (for example, 1, 4, 9, 16, ...) which sum to n. 10 more words


Given n nodes labeled from 0 to n - 1 and a list of undirected edges (each edge is a pair of nodes), write a function to check whether these edges make up a valid tree. 95 more words