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Banking Faces An Uber Moment in 2016

The former CEO of Barclays, Antony Jenkins, recently spoke in various media interviews about the global banking industry facing an ‘Uber moment’ in the near future. 462 more words

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Fintech will get serious in 2016

I have written in the past about how the financial services industry is changing in the UK, in particular how customer loyalty is being affected by the proliferation of price comparison engines and new start-ups offering services that are better and cheaper than the big banks. 338 more words

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The QRys case of Contactless Payments

The Last Of Your Security Concerns Around Payments Can Now Be Put To Rest

When debit and credit cards first emerged as contactless payment methods, consumers and businesses were quick to adopt the trend. 622 more words



I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Ours was small but we had Turkey, family, and friends so it was nothing to complain about! :) 528 more words


Allowances for loans and lease losses (ALLL) - Part 1

The Allowances for Loans and Lease Losses (ALLL) is a valuation reserve established and maintained by charges against the bank’s operating income. As a valuation estimate, it is an estimate of uncollectible amounts that is used to reduce the book value of loans and leases to the amount that is expected to be collected.  446 more words


BASEL and Capital Adequacy Requirements

In one of our previous blogs, we had initiated a discussion on the BASEL accords- a set of recommendations on banking regulations aimed at ensuring adequate capital for financial institutions such that they can absorb unexpected loss. 331 more words