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Fuzzy Horde ~ Ludum Dare 33 - You Are the Monster

This weekend was the 33rd iteration of the three-times-yearly Ludum Dare competition. Participants spend a couple of weeks submitting, slaughtering and ultimately picking themes, until one single theme is left. 944 more words


So you want to get started with Unity Game Development?

With the release of Unity 5, developers using the game engine have more power handed to them than ever. With an overhaul of the lighting pipeline with realtime Global Illumination and the audio pipeline with advanced audio mixers, and perhaps the most important new change, the Personal Licence, providing all engine features for free, now is the perfect time to start developing a game with Unity. 988 more words


Sound FX: 8 bit and HD

Hi everybody,

as you know along with visual assets I’m developing all the audio for Wizards’ Duel. As a composer I’m putting all my effort into the OST, and since the beginning I didn’t mean to complicate things too much with environment’s audio. 325 more words

Wizards' Duel

Awesome Free Programs for Game Development

So far, I’ve spent absolutely no money on my game, as I’ve been seeking out free options for everything that’s needed for game development. There are some wonderful options out there which emulate or even surpass more expensive options, so to help people out, I’m going to list some of the best pieces of software I’m using below. 794 more words



Having been born in 1990, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the explosion in consumer gaming that’s taken place over the past 20 years. My childhood consoles were the Gameboy series, the Nintendo 64 and the Playstation. 1,584 more words

The Sound Grad

Day 30 - Learning Android Development

The Game

The app has been published! you can find it HERE or you can just search “Steel’s Run” in the Playstore (Developer: Sierens Apps).  Would be nice to receive some feedback! 373 more words

30 Day Android Challenge

Day 29 - Learning Android Development

The game is done. Get the desktop version HERE. The only keys to press are the left arrow key(touch left in android) and the right arrow key(touch right in android). 247 more words

30 Day Android Challenge