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Comcast to offer gigabit Internet nationwide by 2018

Comcast is looking to upgrade its DOCSIS 3 technology (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification) to DOCSIS 3.1. If that transition goes as smoothly as anticipated, Comcast’s network will be able to handle Internet speeds of at least 1Gbps. 30 more words

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BG088 | A Foreground And A Backdrop

Lost Trail is the ambient/dronegaze/experimental noise project of husband-and-wife duo Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa. Based in the mysterious small city of Burlington, North Carolina, The Corsas utilize lo-fi and obsolete recording technology in their music, aiming to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and wild environments. 139 more words


The Love Series #4

So everybody around her is just texting his or her partner. Current or even potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Communicating their respective ‘loved ones’. But perhaps does not love them enough to protect them from the sins that were accumulating. 19 more words

Microsoft says the Xbox One is 'doing things that can't be done' on the PS4 - BGR

BGRMicrosoft says the Xbox One is doing things that can t be done on the PS4BGRAs we ve discussed countless times over the course of this console generation, the PlayStation 4 is the clear winner in terms of international sales. 57 more words

Welcome to the beginning of the end for pay TV bundles

“The TV industry’s response has been cautious, licensing live feeds to DISH, SONY and, likely, AAPL for skinny bundle OTT services, but refusing to allow cloud-based DVR functionality,” [ 79 more words

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The new Apple TV will launch without its best new feature

Apple Inc.’s plan to roll out a TV subscription service has reportedly been pushed back, yet again. According to Bloomberg, Apple is still planning to roll out a revamped Apple TV this fall but will wait until 2016 at the earliest before announcing its intriguing and long-rumored TV subscription service. 63 more words