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Pandora CEO: Apple Music has had ‘no impact’ on our business

[I]t’s perhaps a bit too premature to start wondering whether or not Apple Music has what it takes to put a dent into Spotify and Pandora’s respective bottom lines. 71 more words

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Comcast has created a monster… and its name is Netflix

A recent study found that Netflix continues to have a huge impact on the pay TV industry as it draws households away from pay TV packages and drives them to cut the cord. 47 more words

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A cord-cutter’s dream come true: Apple finally cracks networks in time for fall Apple TV refresh

According to information obtained by The New York Post from various sources familiar with Apple’s negotiations with networks, Apple is set to launch the unnamed live streaming TV service this fall alongside a refreshed Apple TV box. 27 more words

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EFF launches open source site to help you contact Congress, and to hold Congress accountable

With the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)’ s latest project, the organization has created a new open source tool that makes it easier than ever for Americans to contact their Congressmen and women and make their voices heard. 28 more words

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Why the Apple Watch is no flop, and why Apple isn't even breaking a sweat over early sales


I’m normally not the first to jump in and defend Apple but in general I have to agree with Yoni Heisler from BGR. It is obvious that most media outlets and techsperts had an unrealistic expection for the Apple Watch. 224 more words


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A hug: That is all we need
No words to express
We keep our sadness beneath
Where our hearts convey

We’re so far, so far away… 49 more words


WTF of the Week: FCC Commissioner Says People Don't Need the Internet

It is important to note that Internet access is not a necessity in the day-to-day lives of Americans and doesn’t even come close to the threshold to be considered a basic human right. 98 more words

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