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Uber takes on Amazon’s drones

Uber takes on Amazon’s drones

Uber is not happy simply “shipping” people from place to place with its transportation services. As it turns out, the company may also be interested in shipping goods as well.

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BG107 | Swoon

Hailing from Liverpool England, Oh Well Goodbye quietly crept into the UK scene with debut cassette release ‘BG092’ through U.S label Bleeding Gold Records… 392 more words



Is trust really broken or has trust ever been there?

People always claim that they trusted someone so much and got betrayed..

If there is complete trust, there shouldn’t be suspicions or any leeway for others to come into the picture to break the relationship just by small little actions to imply that the other person cannot be trusted… 450 more words


BG106 | Here to Fade

Tape Waves is Kim and Jarod Weldin, a dream pop duo from Charleston, South Carolina. With shimmery guitars and hushed vocals that repeatedly charm the blogosphere, their songs evoke images of hazy summer days and young love.  56 more words


AHK: How BGR Color Works

Sadly, in AutoHotkey scripts  you can’t just demand “LIME” or “GENTLY BURNT ORANGE”. The computer will spit out an error message if you try. It requires a color ID in hexadecimal BGR (Blue, Green, Red) format. 256 more words

Gif Guides

Just saw this photo from my previous blog…

Iwas pa fall pero iwasan din ang maging assuming. Yeah? Yeah! HAHAHA. I can’t really say much about this coz no experience pa po hehe. 72 more words