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New Goals

Immediately after completing the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, I let myself recover slowly. I walked, stretched and walked some more. And then I ran.  It was hard, but it felt… 192 more words

BG091 | The Sparrow

Roman Lakes is the solo project of Ben from Bleeding Gold‘s S’s and Special Guests. The Greater-Manchester-born singer-songwriter creates guitalele folk-pop with tones in the right zones. 35 more words


Indie artist delivers an impassioned and smart defense of Spotify

Instead of going through a major label to distribute work on Spotify, David McMillin’s band pays a distributor called TuneCore $50 per album per year to distribute the band’s records on Spotify and nearly two dozen other streaming sites and online music stores. 43 more words

Policy & Ethics

Happy Anniversary. Ish.

So I logged in this morning after a cannonball run from Bangor to Fenway Park, and back last night/early this morning. Still waiting for the coffee to sink into my blood stream I was going to start a post on some exciting news. 327 more words


Bob, the navigator - thoughts on maps and navigation

“It was towards the end of the Lake District Mountain Trial, one very wet year when it was held in Eskdale. The river I had to cross was higher than normal and I plunged in carrying my map in my hand, as I wanted to start navigating again as soon as possible on the other side. 206 more words


BGR reviews Apple Watch: 'A major technological achievement; you won’t want to take it off'

”The Apple Watch, of course, really does do a lot more than any old wristwatch – and as I’ll explain below, the device has so far really changed the way I’ve been using my iPhone,” Chris Smith writes for BGR. 729 more words

Apple Watch

Comcast starts offering 2Gbps service after being forced to compete

Although the history of municipal fiber projects has been hit-or-miss, the one in Chattanooga was such a rousing success that Comcast and other ISPs successfully lobbied the Tennessee state legislature to pass a bill that restricted its expansion into new areas. 77 more words

Policy & Ethics