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Power Of Happiness

Let me tell you a story that my Guruji once shared, a story of a fisherman and a businessman. While narrating the story, he said it was a classic story to remember. 658 more words

Psychology N Gita

We need Sri Krishna today more than we ever did - David Frawley

The world today needs the vast wisdom of Krishna, along with his creative inspiration, diplomatic sagacity, and divine sense of play and delight. On his birthday one can honour any or all the many facets of the bejeweled light of Krishna. 714 more words


A Battle With Ambition - Freedom From Outcome Part 1

Note: This is the first of three posts on a concept I refer to as “freedom from outcome.” This post will serve as an introduction, while the other two will go more in depth on the concept.  1,340 more words

What would Sri Krishna do? - Gary Gutting

• The interviewee for this article is Prof Jonardon Ganeri, currently a visiting professor of philosophy at the non-sectarian New York University in Abu Dhabi and the author of “The Lost Age of Reason: Philosophy in Early Modern India 1450–1700.” 2,278 more words


Krishna is the greatest hero happened on Planet Earth!

Ramakrishna will not even let you near. I have no doubt that Ramakrishna is an incarnation, Ramana Maharishi is an incarnation. Rama would not have even allowed Shakuni to be around him. 2,766 more words


Dewi Sri, Kemuliaan dan Kemakmuran Menghampiri Para Pekerja Keras

“Berkaryalah dengan Kesadaran Jiwa, kemanunggalan diri dengan semesta, wahai Dhananjaya (Arjuna, Penakluk Kebendaan). Berkaryalah tanpa keterikatan pada hasil, tanpa memikirkan keberhasilan maupun kegagalan. Keseimbangan diri seperti itulah yang disebut Yoga.” Bhagavad Gita 2:48… 622 more words

Anand Krishna

Bhagavad Gita Verse 4-6, Chapter 1

Duryodhana continued his attempt to incite Drona to fight aggressively against the opposing army by calling out the mighty warriors on the other side.

He chose each name carefully to elicit a reaction from Drona, since each of these warriors had a history with Drona. 275 more words

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