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Thursdays with Ashok - Lessons 42 & 43

Chapter 6 has now begun!! :)

Lessons 42 and 43 covering the first 8 verses of the chapter are now up and can be accessed here!


IV:4-6 The Supernatural Power of an Avatar

It is said that in each age, God manifests Itself in the Relative realm of this world. How and why this happens is revealed in the next few verses.  727 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings

Blame Game

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Today I am going to share a very serious topic which will definitely force the spirit of many people to think on the same. 317 more words


Don’t take life so personally

People who take everything personally are usually touchy. If they come up with an idea and someone points out a problem with it, they treat that objection as a personal attack on them. 273 more words

Do what needs to be done, then let go

There are so many variables that are changing in my life this month, and the consequences are going to be long term.  It involves a move to a different city, different schools for my children, different work.  169 more words


Seed of the Universe

I am the Way for the traveler.
I am the Master who watches in silence.
I am your friend and your shelter.
I am the beginning and the end of all things. 27 more words


Teleporting Across the Ocean

After Chandra finished his ritual duties, he knows that it is time to teleport across the ocean, back to Sherlock’s domicile … and so his two feet arrives upon the cobble stones of Baker Street, within a wink of an eye, and he drifts through a small crack in the window sill, like a wisp of fog, and he duly appears before Sherlock in a slightly visible ethereal body … and then, sitting opposite Sherlock’s confounded facial expression, Chandra said, “Namaste Lord Sherlock, 1,601 more words