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What are the three Gunas which control our lives?

What are the three Gunas which control our lives? James Swartz Vedanta Bad Meinberg 2015

Published on Nov 25, 2015

Three Gunas:

Agitative Mind… 137 more words

Advaita Vedanta

The answer is not to try to restrain your nature but to progressively improve your nature.
– Krishna

Hawley, J. (2001). The Bhagavad Gita: A walkthrough for Westerners. Novato, Calif: New World Library.


Talking About Interfering With Life

“Real ahimsa means not checking anyone’s progressive life. The animals are also making progress in their evolutionary life by transmigrating from one category of animal life to another. 943 more words

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Government Based On Passion

“And that understanding which cannot distinguish between the religious way of life and the irreligious, between action that should be done and action that should not be done, that imperfect understanding, O son of Pritha, is in the mode of passion.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-gita, 18.31) 1,009 more words

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IV:24-25 All Is God and So Are You...

You and God are One. If you think I’m just pulling your leg, surrender yourself to God and find out… 

God is the offering, God is the oblation poured out by God into the sacrificial God-fire.
744 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings

Bhagavad gItA : Chapter 4 : gnyAna and karma

These are the last few s’lOkAs of the 4th chapter.

There is nothing known to be more purifying than gnyAna. Even the worst sins will be burnt away by knowledge. 88 more words

Ancient Indians

Being Within Everything And Not

“All states of being – be they of goodness, passion or ignorance – are manifested by My energy. I am, in one sense, everything – but I am independent. 1,023 more words

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