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Live to work

Now that’s what I call work. Whatever you do, do it with love. If you’re not doing it with love then ask yourself ‘what is the main energy that is being shared with what I do?’ I went to art school and then yoga teacher trainings because I had to do what I love to do so that resentment wasn’t the main energy infused in my work, which it had been when I tried barista and host positions. 45 more words


Doing is Success!

Heyy there,

Wondering what am I going to tell more… the title itself is evident and complete. But, I’ll express my thoughts on what “Doing is Success!” means. 441 more words

Bhakti Yoga

Reiki Chants

I am listening today to Reiki Chants, by Jonathan Goldman. OK, I have no excuse for why I never discovered this amazing recording before.  It was released in 2006.   334 more words


The Yoga of Karma, Bhakti and Gyana

* * *

What is Yoga?
The root of the word Yoga comes from “Yug”, the means to unite. Yoga is the path to unite with something that’s great. 2,493 more words

Existential Drive

Those of Us Who Depart From Their Bodies

This was hastily written–partially in response to the passing of a comrade very special to us–so please ignore of the any errors or stylistic flaws I am given to and try to pierce through to the essence. 512 more words

Order Of Nine Angles

Promising Emptiness

Lost in the empty noise of my desperate mind,

I close my eyes and suddenly You reappear.

I want to cry, to cling to You, 126 more words


Bhagavad Gita

यो न ह्रुष्यति न द्वेष्टि न शोचाति न काङ्क्षति |

शुभाशुभपरित्यागी भक्तिमान्यः स मे प्रियः ||

Chapter 12 Verse 17

He who neither rejoices nor hates nor grieves nor sesires, renouncing good and evil,full of devotion, he is dear to me.