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Pratyahara is withdrawal of the senses from their respective objects. It is the abstraction of the senses. Real, spiritual or inner life begins when the Yogic student is established in Pratyahara.

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Raja Yoga

Bhakti path 

Everytime I watch the movie Devon Ke Dev Mahadev and step into another new film serie, I wonder how deep valuable and beautiful this movie is. 201 more words

Bhakti Yoga

Why is your prayer not answered?

Praying is the most common act for all religious people regardless of religion. However, many people seem to be praying just because it is the tradition, without understanding the essence of praying. 405 more words


Krishna Consciousness is the last hope for humanity. Why is that so? We are living in the so called Dark age, where people pursue materialistic rather spiritual values. 204 more words

Bhakti Yoga

Radha Krishna

Krishna is atmarama, He is perfectly satisfied within himself. He does not seek satisfaction from the outside. He can enjoy within Himself. Radharani Is his energy. 148 more words

Bhakti Yoga

Women in Krishna Consciousness become so beautiful, not only externally but internally because Srila Prabhupad gave us the Vedas the true knowledge which we have forgotten with the time. 217 more words

Bhakti Yoga

Easy Journey to Other Planets

It is said that the perfect yogi can relinquish his body at death and journey, at the speed of mind, to antimaterial planets far beyond the limits of the material universe. 365 more words

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada