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SIFA 2015 - Returning

Life got busier and more intense up till recently. It’s the lull before the storm (the storm being my final semester of college, starting next week) and attending the final performance of… 907 more words


Where it began...

I stepped into the world of dance when I was a baby, dancing in front of the TV to music videos. After performing in front of the TV for a few year, I eventually began to move into my own style of dancing very early on and choreographed for talent shows in elementary school. 174 more words

Padma Subrahmanyam

P is for Padma Subrahmanyam in #atozchallenge

Almost every year in my junior and middle school, i have witnessed minimum of one Bharatha natyam performance by Padma Subrahmanyam –  it is like part of my growing up memories – watching her dance gracefully on the stage, listening to her intelligent sessions about the history of Bharatha natyam, hanging around the green room to see that lovely glimpses of her laughter with her group, following her closely on the way in and way out to the stage –  wow!!! 118 more words


Terry Pratchet

Terry Pratchett passed away a little while ago. He has been a celebrated author for so many years now, for a great number of reasons. To read about those reasons, you need only google his name. 384 more words

The endurance of boredom

Everytime I practice dance now, my thoughts start going towards editing. Basically thinking how to make it more dramatic and less boring. How to snip out all the boring parts. 463 more words


Everything in the universe has rhythm. Everything dances -Maya Angelou-

Happy Wednesday love peoples. Today I decided to share my favourite hobby/ addiction/ obsession/ best form of exercise, what ever you want to call it. It is something I was introduced to when I was very young and have been doing probably for the past 10 years. 515 more words