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5 Years Later

Riddle me this-

Your bones will hurt the first time you try me and every limb will feel like it’s about to fall off. You will be out of breath after only five minutes of practice. 312 more words


A question that has puzzled several students for years and will probably puzzle coming generations too!

Debate is if its required ? or if its not required ? 1,569 more words

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MUDRA : Asamyuta Hastas [Hand Gestures] (Lesson Four)


Technique : Perform Mrigasrisha Mudra but with the thumb touching the other three fingers.

Representation : Procrastination, Slowly, Kin, Fame, Listen.

26. SANDAMSHA… 286 more words


MUDRA : Asamyuta Hastas [Hand Gestures] (Lesson Three)

17. SARPASRISHA – Snake hood

Technique : All fingers in upright position but with their tips bent a little to form a hollowed palm.

Representation : Snake, Hissing sounds, Offering water, Moving to and fro, Arms of Wrestlers, Hand Power. 303 more words


MUDRA : Asamyuta Hastas [Hand Gestures] (Lesson Two)

9. MUSHTI – Closed fist

Technique : The thumb holds all the palm the fingers closed together.

Representation : Combative position, Grasping objects.

10. SHIKHARA… 326 more words


MUDRA : Asamyuta Hastas [Hand Gestures] (Lesson One)

BHARATANAYAM is a combination of BHAVA / ABINAYA (Expressions), MUDRA (Hand gestures), ADAVU (Leg tappings), TALA (Rhythmic beat) and MUSIC.

NATYA SHASTRA deeply describes the integral beauty of Dance in Sanskrit as; 408 more words


Dance - A Classical Glance!

BHARATANATYAM – An Indian Classical dance!

What is Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam is the divine dance considered as the religious ceremony most pleasing to the God and dedication of all activity to the Divine was the highest form of worship. 1,064 more words