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সূর্যাস্তের কমলা আর রাত-আকাশের নীল – এ দুয়ের মাঝে এক চোখে আরাম-বুলানো নীল সন্ধ্যে আসে খুব অল্প সময়ের জন্য। ঠিক সেই সময়টাতেই হাজির হলাম বৃহদীশ্বর মন্দিরের চত্বরে। তাঞ্জোরের বৃহদীশ্বর মন্দির। হাজার বছর আগে চোল-রাজাদের বানানো, একুশতলা বাড়ির সমান উঁচু। থাক। ওসব সংখ্যার কচকচি করতে গেলে নীল সন্ধ্যেটা আঙ্গুলের ফাঁক গলে বেরিয়ে যাবে যে! 609 more words


Make Some Way for the Lil Rockstar!!

By – Riya Lakhmani

At a tender age of fifteen, where most
of us were fighting hormonal imbalances and crying over petty issues, this
wonder child was taking baby steps to make it big in every aspect of her life. 173 more words


Bharatnatyam- Soulful Dancing

This Blog explores one of the main forms of classical dancing- Bharatnatyam. It is believed to be originated from Tamil Nadu and can easily be described as the Oldest Dance Form of India as it has been around for almost 2000 years. 421 more words

Remembering the world of Indian Classical Dance. The time of heavy jewellery in the dressing room.

Classical Art in the New Age - Swathi Jaisankar

When you search Swathi Jaisankar’s name on Google, most of the results are links to her accomplishments as a bharatanatyam dancer. What most people don’t know, however, is that her journey to classical dance stardom didn’t start with bharatnatyam. 1,274 more words


Sishya: Bharatnatyam Dancer Priya Vishwanathan {Spotlight}

Meet Priya,  a Bharatnatyam dancer and a senior at Chantilly high school and at Nrityanjali, Fairfax VA.

  1. How old are you and what do you do?
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