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Ruhika Sen's Arangetram


Ruhika aka Hiya had her Bhatarnatyam Arangetram Ceremony last weekend. And we were there to celebrate this loving milestone of her life.

Hiya is my  KindergardenToForever Best Friend  715 more words


Cultural Appropriation

It is a commonplace that when some of us look at works of contemporary art, whether music (John Cage comes to mind), dance (the work of Jerome Bel for example) or visual art (any of a number of abstract painters) the response often is ‘Anyone could do that’. 895 more words

Gitanjali Kolanad

~Meditation in Movement ~ Samanvay

Gratitude and pranams to my Dance Guru Smt Asha Nair, for her guidance,insights and contributions to this article.

When each step is in enthusiasm and where each glance conveys love ! 667 more words

Elizabeth Pereira Pandit - Dance Studio and The Huddle

Elizabeth Pereira Pandit – Dance Studio and The Huddle

“I don’t just dance, I perform. I breathe.

I watch the world disappear, I release my feelings, 1,290 more words

Witnessing "Bharatnatyam"

This has been a usual place for me, a place to connect emotionally and place where reality of life is reflected in front. The holy shrine of Pashupatinath, a source of faith for many Hindus, have much to offer not only to Hindus but also one  who seeks spiritual enlightenment. 310 more words

Travel Photography

5 Years Later

Riddle me this-

Your bones will hurt the first time you try me and every limb will feel like it’s about to fall off. You will be out of breath after only five minutes of practice. 312 more words


A question that has puzzled several students for years and will probably puzzle coming generations too!

Debate is if its required ? or if its not required ? 1,569 more words

Indian Dance School In Dallas Fort-worth