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THCA Crystals by @LoudAndClearLabs

These crystals would fool any cop for meth. I would love to see their reaction when they tested these bad boy. Loud And Clear Labs always has those fire extraction methods. 10 more words


Barack Obama Legacy 4

I support President Donald Trump, and politicians from any political party who support an America first policy for our nation.
In Florida, it seems Democrats are more interested in linning their own pockets with federal tax investments, than doing what is best for our State or Nation. 186 more words

Iranian Revolution

Imam Obama can no longer prop up the evil regime.  Accurate depiction of Iran’s leadership at this point in time.

Obama ends DACA Program

Sadly, facts tend to mean nothing to the left, only feelings count.  Leftist Media and politicians count on the foolishness of the masses in order to keep themselves in positions of power.  29 more words