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Should you put ice or cold water in your dab rig?

It seems that when smoking a bowl of flower the decision to put ice in the bong is usually the same among the group, “throw it in, it cools down the smoke!” 276 more words


Hostage Payment

Check out my book “The Antichrist of Our Time”  –Pastor Ward Clinton

Tha Honey Badgers- Girl Scout Cookies

I met these guys at an event in Riverside called Suds n Buds. Right when I walked up to their booth, they were welcoming and truly there to just let us sample their medication and know that we would walk away with some. 690 more words


Old Lyme Fun: Black Hall Outfitters

If you are on the shoreline and haven’t been here, you’re missing out big time! If you have ever wanted to try SUP or kayaking now is your chance.  363 more words


What Will it Take For Obama to React to Islamic Terrorism, You Ask? Perhaps This

Boston.  San Bernardino.  Orlando. ISIS – yes, ISIS, not ISIL, Mr. Dirtbag in Chief – directly stating they’ll use our porous Southern border to infiltrate our country and attack us.  31 more words


You have more of a right than you have been taught in schools

The right to bear arms. There is a lot of talk about your rights as a citizen. Most people do not know that there was a great debate duing the drafting of the constitution about whether or not to enumerate certain “rights” In the end, the Bill of Rights was included. 216 more words

American History

QUESTION: Would You Be SHOCKED If The Obamas Started Attending MOSQUE After Leaving Office?

Published on June 10, 2016

URL of the original posting site: http://clashdaily.com/2016/06/question-shocked-obamas-started-attending-mosque-leaving-office/

Would it be surprising to you if the Obamas started attending a Mosque after they left the White House?

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