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So let’s talk about this statement paisley print playsuit from Urban Cottage (Bermuda)! I do love a playsuit when it gets to summer time again- and it’s just an extra bonus when I find one that has such a pretty print or a bohemian festival vibe! 255 more words


How to Make Closed Column BHO and Live Resin

There’s no denying the facts anymore: dabbing has become the premiere method cannabis consumption among weed connoisseurs. The golden, terpene rich concentrates available on the market today are a vast improvement from the dark, harsh oils that were once mass produced only years ago thanks largely to improvements in commercially available extractions systems. 1,685 more words

Downtown Cannabis Company: Cannalope Kush

This purchase is one I’ve done a few times. It is what is referred to as a “Reload” which is exactly what you think it might be – an oil cartridge reload, more ammo, man. 431 more words


Liberty Reach: Jack Herer

This is my first Liberty Reach product I’ve purchased – a Co2 cartridge of Jack Herer.

I’m not sure I enjoy that strain so much, though i’d give it a second chance, perhaps from a different company though so I can compare. 321 more words


Vuber Carrying Case

The Vuber Carrying Case makes it easy to carry the perfect amount of items anywhere you go. I’ve been wanting a case like this for a while – I’ve used a snap closing hardshell case for my items, a pull tie soft shell satchel, spread out in my messenger bag or backpack, or even just in my pocket, which sometimes I would forget about and when I would sit down I’d end up sitting on my concentrate pen, which eventually broke because of that. 361 more words


Benghazi Bitch, Clinton!

The Benghazi BITCH should be executed for TREASON!! Her and her PERVERTED husband are responsible for many people’s MURDERS! I pray that she and he go to ROT in hell real soon along with the Obama’s!! 3,220 more words


May the Corrupt Communist Murderess Rot in Hell Real Soon!!

Her continued Corruption and Criminal actions just go to show just how DESPERATE she is to win! I pray to God everyday, that God puts her in jail and makes her pay for all of her CRIMES real soon, along with Obama! 72 more words