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Thankful and intolerant. 

 In the last few days I have been assailed by a feeling of unrest.

Today on Thanksgiving I have had time to first, enjoy with great friends and second, introspect. 1,026 more words

11 Foods That Help You Loose Those Extra Kilos !

Yes, It is true that certain foods start to shrink your waist line as soon as they leave your fork and enter into your mouth. 594 more words


A Teacher's Tale

We never really know the essence of life unless we come close to it. So, how do we come close to it? Grown up in a perfectly pampered up environment, my life would essentially circle around a bunch of cool friends, mediocre lifestyle status, scoring good grades, gearing up for a professional course and basically having fun! 417 more words


Writing 101, Day 14: Recreate a single day

Recreate a single day

November 18, 2015.

Left home around 1100 hours with youngest niece, Deborah, for IGI Airport, New Delhi, to catch a flight to Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh. 160 more words


Bhopal Travelouge

Bhopal Travelouge:

This day last year, we were on our last study trip ever. Who knew, we’d actually miss all those times running around in the sun turning a few shades darker as we try to map a city foreign to us, or those times after a long days work, where we unwind on the dinner table as each group recounts their day’ worth of adventure. 985 more words


Chhath for Beginners

The steps leading to the water were crowded and slippery. Sure-footed, my friend Anuradha led the way, opening a narrow path for me among the worshipers. 863 more words


Seven Sisters

A new addition to my “Living with Nature” collection:


Seven sisters or seven brothers is the Indian name for the jungle babbler (Turdoides striata), … 120 more words