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Post 47 - Day 26 'There and Back Again' (Pt 1)

Approximately 46 kilometres south of Bhopal is to be found the World Heritage prehistoric cave site of Bhimbetka. The name is associated with Bhima, a hero-deity from the Mahabharata epic, and translates as ‘the sitting place of Bhima’. 1,749 more words

Sanchi : Stillness , Serenity and Stories of Buddha

I had read the Jataka tales when I was ten and subsequently through high school and junior college , I was introduced to Buddhism in greater detail . 328 more words


Post 45 - Day 24 'Westward' (Pt 2)

Bhopal is the capital of the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, and is popularly known as the City of Lakes, owing to the presence of two large lakes, the Upper and Lower, that abut the city’s precincts. 1,104 more words

Post 44 - Day 24 'Westward' (Pt 1)

This is a day spent in transit, and of protracted hours waiting at interconnecting points of impending transit.

In Hollywood ‘westerns’, when the wagon train is about to roll the wagon master raises his hand, says “Yoh”, points his hand in the appropriate direction, and off goes the wagon train. 1,952 more words

Property in Bhopal, Real Estate in Bhopal

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@ Tropic of Cancer

On  the way to  Sanchi from  Bhopal, a board put up by the ministry and parallel lines painted on the road , flanked by fields on both sides, indicate the spot where you get to bask for a few moments at the Northern Tropic. 12 more words


Bhopal Real Estate

Designers have most likely detected the development capability of Bhopal and hence very much a couple of undertakings are heading up in different parts of Bhopal. 214 more words