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What should you do when your sexual attraction is changing

I believe that there are some people have experienced or are experiencing sexual changes. That is to say, you were like opposite sex, and you are attracted by same sex people now. 461 more words


LGBT guys, what should we do when you encounter this situation

When a person who is straight is closing to you in behavior, away from you in thought. What should we do, LGBT friends´╝č Have you ever been met the situation? 436 more words


Rebel Without A Cause

Guys I don’t care if you’re gay, bi-sexual, bi-curious or 100% straight….you want to fuck James Dean.

I’ve never kissed, let alone fucked a man (allegedly) but if I were to time travel and was alone in a room with James Dean I would drop to my knees and make like a circus seal. 339 more words


Bi Curious - Popular Bi Curious Dating Site For Bi Curious Singles

Are you one of bi curious singles looking for bi dating on a bi curious dating site? Do you find it a trouble to find a right bisexual or bi curious dating platform? 481 more words

Bi Curious

TheSmiths & I

Ahhh……the ever-delightful Mr & Mrs Smith.

I happened to join a messenger group, which is where I found Mrs Smith. This group is for bi or bi-curious ladies, so it was quite an exciting discovery for me, as I have posted… 1,093 more words

Self Discovery

The delectable Mrs Smith

I still need to get around to writing about the Smiths but I just needed to have a brag moment about how much of a goddess Mrs Smith is. 93 more words


Which shall I finish up first? Here are the sexy highlights.

I am about 3/4th done writing the following three books – to be subsequent volumes of The Sinner Saint Diary

I can’t decide which to focus on and finish up first, so I decided to ask for a vote. 606 more words