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Suck my dick

So lately my cub has been praising my blow job techniques and asking many questions as to how I make it feel so good. Flattered by his praise I’m left questioning my own technique. 582 more words

“Straight-Curious”: Possibly Another Name For Being Bisexual

Care to add some PINEAPPLE to the ham on your pizza?

The phrase “bi-curious” seems to be in fairly wide use in personal ads these days. 678 more words


The turn...

As most magic enthusiast know there are three parts to most magic tricks, the “pledge” when a magician states what they will do, the “turn” typically when an object disappears, and finally the “prestige” when the magician brings the object in question back or does something unbelievable with the object. 1,011 more words


7 Women Who Currently Identify As Straight Share Their 'Bi-Curious' Experiences

1. “On my 23rd birthday my college friend who just returned from backpacking through Europe decided to visit me. We both lived in different cities at the time so even when she was in the US, I rarely got to see her. 2,201 more words

God Damn, I Love 'Cool For The Summer' by Demi Lovato

When I was 18 and in my first real stages of being an aggressive baby queer, there was a song that I hated with a fiery passion. 958 more words


New Single Bestie - Sizzy Rocket

A controversial song by Sizzy Rocket about “Fucking her best friend” called “Bestie” is produced by Scissor Sisters-member BabyDaddy.

The song is about being Bi Curious. 8 more words


Antes de conocernos

Mi esposa, era una niña inocente y virgen antes de conocerme, con unos ideales de vida totalmente distintos a los que traía yo. Pero dentro de ella había un volcán que quería explotar y yo me encargué de iniciar su erupción.