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Getting off in 2017.

I went to Chicago for training for two weeks. I happened to be in town for New Years. I started my New Years celebration at the training center. 590 more words


Heteroromantic Bisexual?

Yes, I would call myself Heteroflexible. The term that means I am attracted to both genders, but I am mostly straight and I would not date/marry the same sex. 256 more words


Hot situation.

So I have been working on this guy for a very long time. Romeo is a very attractive guy, not the kind that I usually find overly attractive, but he is a good looking bloke. 355 more words


Two weeks.

I had quiet the dry spell before RJ called. You know how that went down, it was just me. One of my house-mate’s girlfriend said she had a friend that was gay. 257 more words


Sludge and Slime

The catfish died. WTF? I’ve been obsessively testing the water, gold stars every time. One went belly up yesterday afternoon. The second one died during the night. 777 more words

My First Blog Post

I’ve never really done anything like this before, but I want to ‘let it out’ and this feels like a good way to do just that. 168 more words


A second time cuming.

Some of you may remember a guy who a group of my friends now call RJ (Rim Job, the first guy I gave a rim job to), his name was Drake. 375 more words