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Since coming out to myself as heteroflexible, I have notice that a lot of people are against the term. Some say we’re just biphobic or in denial. 178 more words


Bye Bisexual

I’ve been in a relationship for nearly five years with a male….

But I consider myself bisexual.

It seems like there is a stigma for bisexual individuals that we MUST date the same gender as ourselves. 724 more words


Something big is happening soon.

Well the individuals I was talking to online are a thing of the past. That is to say it didn’t work out. I am okay with this as not everything is meant to work out. 173 more words



Mac McCloud, Founder and CEO of the Bi Men Network shares some life advice for bisexual men and bi-curious guys after 30 years of working full-time with such adult men worldwide.


General Update.

Things have been going well for me. I feel as though I have embraced myself and am realizing the nice balance I live between “gay” and “straight”. 121 more words


Does anyone suffer when a bi-curious husband and father cheats with another man?

By Christopher MacNeil

Freelance blogger

It was just supposed to be diversion, an affair. Not all hearts are built that way.

There’s plenty of talk and advice for the marriage with the husband and father who cheats with another woman. 1,605 more words

What to say now?

I have had quiet a fun time with this blog thanks to these guys, gals, friends, and family. These people have helped me become who I am on a much deeper level and I feel I understand who I am, at least in a slightly better sense. 460 more words