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TheSmiths & I

Ahhh……the ever-delightful Mr & Mrs Smith.

I happened to join a messenger group, which is where I found Mrs Smith. This group is for bi or bi-curious ladies, so it was quite an exciting discovery for me, as I have posted… 1,093 more words

Self Discovery

The delectable Mrs Smith

I still need to get around to writing about the Smiths but I just needed to have a brag moment about how much of a goddess Mrs Smith is. 93 more words


Which shall I finish up first? Here are the sexy highlights.

I am about 3/4th done writing the following three books – to be subsequent volumes of The Sinner Saint Diary

I can’t decide which to focus on and finish up first, so I decided to ask for a vote. 606 more words


Bi-curious Self, or not...

It was a busy day for me considering I had school and work! I had a report to hand in and assignment to submit before or by 11:59pm! 460 more words


She's amazing

My house mate is amazing. I want to be around her every minute of every day. I don’t know what this means.

She came up to my room to give me her spare pillow and I just didn’t want her to leave. 517 more words


Late Night Entertainment

We arrived at York Railway Station as the Saturday night crowd were in full flow – rowdying it up on the platform. And when I say… 257 more words


How Common's A Girl Crush?

You ever heard about the “girl crush” phase? As a guy you see it on television. You may even experience it or witness it while you’re in college. 1,539 more words