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Why Are Bi Identities Still Taboo?

The word you’re looking for Buzzfeed is “bi”…

Buzzfeed usually produces progressive content, which is why it was so disappointing to see one call out from the publication avoid using the words “bi”, “bisexual” and “biromantic” at any point. 460 more words

Bi Pride UK Corner

Bi Any Means Necessary...

Are we doing enough to ensure people feel able to identify as bi?

Sexuality and romanticism have always, historically, been quite fluid. In the West, it was largely the influence of Christianity that saw a crackdown on same gender relationships (which we then exported to many other corners of the world through imperialism). 484 more words

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Happy Holidays from the Bi Pride UK Team!

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, we wish you well into the New Year and beyond.

Happy holidays from all of us at Bi Pride UK! 228 more words

Bi Pride UK Corner

It was Brenda Howard who started the Pride parade

Let it not be forgotten that bisexual activist Brenda Howard started the Pride parade

The erasure of bi people does persist, but this is despite the fact that it was a bisexual activist who started the first ever Pride parade. 271 more words

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How bi and pan communities can work together

The identities don’t conflict with each other. Bi and and pan people can empower each other.

There’s a myth that somehow bi and pan communities can’t get along – but the tension is usually stirred by people who are neither bi and pan. 394 more words

Bi Pride UK Corner

As Australia Legalises Same-Sex Marriage We Must Remember the UK Does Not Yet Have Equal Marriage

There have been rightful celebrations at Australia’s progress, but it does not join the UK when our nation lags far behind other countries with our unequal marriage laws. 366 more words

Bi Pride UK Corner

Why We Need Bi Pride in the UK

Here’s why the UK desperately needs a Bi Pride event.

With so many Pride events, to some, it might seem frivolous to set up a new one. 348 more words

Bi Pride UK Corner