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How to preserve Leading zeros in XML Publisher Excel Ouputs

In XML Pub Excel Reports excel removes the leading Zeros and prints the whole number. There are many instances where we need to print the zeros for eg item numbers starting with 0. 65 more words


Testing an Integration Object

Go to Administration –> Business Services –> Simulator

Next screen is shown

In service Service Name type: EAI Siebel Adapter and in Query Method Select Query. 33 more words

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Emailed BI Publisher Reports in HTML Format Not Showing Properly

So it seems that by default, BI Publisher uses CSS style sheets as opposed to inline CSS when generating reports in HTML format. This is perfectly fine as the reports render fabulously in our favorite browsers. 236 more words

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BI Publisher Bursting Issue: Sub-task stuck with ‘Rendering report Document’ Status

–(Updated/Revised 14-Jul-15)–

Overview: Working with a bursting BIP report to be sent out to X number of recipients. The bursting job never completes and stays in ‘Job processor completed’ status indefinitely. 911 more words

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Notice with date type parameters format in Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise report

I used to have a lot of headache with date type parameters when I worked with PI Publisher of Oracle. Here is a small notice when you are working with it. 72 more words

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BIPublisher - Output file was found but is zero sized - Deleted


Created RTF template for the report using BI Publisher Desktop

Had to download  BI Publisher Desktop 11g to work on Oracle Fusion Reports… 125 more words


Launching and Displaying output of a report though Forms

With XML/BI Publisher, the days of text based output report are long gone, nonetheless, in Oracle EBS, it still needs to be submitted using traditional approach of View >> Concurrent Programs. 436 more words