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So yeah, I Oughtta be Fluent in Español

My dad speaks Spanish. My mom speaks Spanish. My second son speaks it pretty well. So what’s my problem? Why is my Spanish –let’s just say it– pathetic? 605 more words


Not So Long Ago

It’s National Loving Day. The title of this day has two meanings. It is about love, and about a couple with the last name of Loving. 400 more words

National Day Of .......


I suppose I should at least give a proper introduction before we start backpacking through the rest of my life, at least for the readers who are not my mom (HI MOM!). 898 more words

What Are You?

Is there a balance to be struck?

Is it even possible?

Growing up, I was surrounded mostly by white people. I wanted to look more white. 1,994 more words

Why I'm Passionate About Racism Part 1

For most people racism is a topic that is avoided, but for me it is something that I am completely unafraid to bring up in any conversation.   814 more words


What Are You?

My daughter-in-law is bi-racial. Her father was black and her mother was white. Her skin is a very light brown, making it possible to think her Latino, Asian or even Middle Eastern.  1,121 more words


Dear Adoption, My Pigment Doesn't Wash Off

Dear Adoption, My Pigment Doesn’t Wash Off

I am a transracial adoptee, born biracial and adopted by a white family 50 years ago.  My vision of the world starts from this perspective. 1,076 more words