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Thank you, sociologist Jessica M. Vasquez, for challenging "whitening"

When my Guatemalan father started dating my Anglo mother, a man nudged him and said, “¿Mejorando la rasa, eh?” or “Bettering the race, huh?”

The comment made little sense to me when Dad told the story. 1,051 more words

Latina Heritage

I'm Bi

I woke up this morning thinking that finally it might be cool to be bi-racial. I mean, what a fairytale to be able to marry a prince (just a wee bit of  sarcasm)! 466 more words

Princess Meghan

Well, Prince Harry has chosen a Princess from America.  And, as it goes in America, she is being touted as being biracial in the media.   What are we talking about her Spanish father and white mother?   24 more words

Black Women

Do You Know You Are White?

In looking for a way to share my sermon from last weekend, I came across this CNN piece from last February. Although I appreciate the stories shared in  423 more words


Kayla Gunn: Reading Between the (Binary) Lines

Kayla Gunn is a 20-year-old bi-racial gender non-conforming individual that resides in the San Antonio area. Kayla is a full-time parental unit to six fur babies, a part-time artist, and a student in San Antonio College’s Sign Language Interpreting program. 2,141 more words


6 Things About Being Mixed

There are some things about being mixed that I absolutely love and some things that aren’t great or horrible. Here are some of them.

There is a sense that “you don’t belong”.  565 more words

So yeah, I Oughtta be Fluent in Español

My dad speaks Spanish. My mom speaks Spanish. My second son speaks it pretty well. So what’s my problem? Why is my Spanish –let’s just say it– pathetic? 605 more words

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