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"Dido" Elizabeth Belle

Dido Elizabeth Belle and the Lady Elizabeth Murray

“Dido” Elizabeth Belle was a bi-racial woman born into slavery in 1761 in the West Indies, the daughter of a slave woman, Maria Belle and a British career naval officer, John Lindsay, who was stationed there. 771 more words


Hai: An Essay

I sat across from my grandmother—Ah-chan in Japanese—at the table in the middle of her dining room. My family’s summer visit had drawn to a close; in a few hours my mother, sister and I would be on a plane heading back to San Francisco. 901 more words

what is she?

What is she? Cute as a button, that’s what!

When we’re oot ‘n’ aboot, my daughter’s appearance garners many inquisitive stares. Because of her fair complexion and silken hair, passersby sometimes try to discern without asking outright if there’s a  familial connection. 382 more words


Conversation No. 5 - Talking with Malika

In our fifth conversation, we’re speaking with Malika. She is from Brooklyn, NY and is a college student in upstate New York.  While she’s at school, she spends most of her days “running organizations, working as an R.A., participating in poetry communities and campus involvements like crazy.” When she’s back home in NYC, Malika spends most of her days “as a professional couch potato.” 538 more words

Our Conversations

This Light Girl's Take On Light Girls

I’ve suffered, oh how I have suffered this past year with writers block and a multitude of other excuses NOT to write until last night. After watching Light Girls on OWN I’m now bum-rushed with a multitude of self-centered attitudes and opinions that I think everyone ought to read about… 771 more words


Bi-racial Hair x Zora Howard

Our first Poet’s Corner post comes from my favorite writer, Zora Howard. This piece was filmed when Miss ora was 13 years old and as revolutionary as ever. 31 more words

Poet's Corner

Sadie Daily:: The Struggle With Being Bi-Racial

By my picture you can tell I am all mixed up. You would think that the life of a bi-racial person in America would be more common but it’s not. 392 more words

Sadie Daily