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Dear Brown Girls | You Are Magical

By: Simone Ritchie

Do not panic when you show up to your first day of school and no one looks like you. You will be swallowed up in the sea of light hair and fair skin and be lost in a crowd of people that look like Disney princesses. 817 more words


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Labels are interchangeable. Identity is not. We can evolve and grow but the skeleton of ourselves remain.

I was always ready to exclaim how proud I am to be Filipino but my actions differed. 333 more words


You Are Prettier Than A Disney Princess

Tonight, my daughter and I watched Frozen for the second time in a row. As she cuddled up next to me on the couch, she glared wide eyed at the singing Disney Queen on the screen. 330 more words


Racial Identity and Equal Rights For Afro-Peruvians

For those who may not know, Peru has a big population of Afro-Peruvians. Blackness and racial identity have always been a struggle for Afro-Peruvians as they continue to fight for equal rights in Peru. 12 more words


Trying to Belong

Yes. It’s true. I am a biracial person. Shocker, given the domain name I chose. Unfortunately, being biracial can be a lonely thing. Especially when your parents are two different cultures, two different religions, from two different areas of the world. 274 more words