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Why is Bristol Palin Just NOW Becoming an Outspoken Advocate for Blacks?

Bristol Palin has become an outspoken advocate for racial equality.  She devoted an entire blog post to the issue.  She even went so far as to agree with Waka Flocka, even though she  doesn’t know who he is or what he sings. 136 more words

On This Day

I’m sure most of you think this post was  about the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and it originally was not, but I edited it because I may not have my current life if it wasn’t for Dr King making the headway that he did. 502 more words

Bristol's Instagram Followers Demand Answers

It’s 2016 and people are starting to demand answers.  Even Bristol’s fans who frequent her Instagram photos are painfully aware that she has yet to announce the identity of the father of her baby Sailor. 708 more words

The mixed race enigma

The subject of race is becoming a more and more discussed thing. With Sandra Bland and Ferguson, to name a couple, being so widely reported the term ‘racist’ seems to be on the tip of many a tongue. 531 more words

Black Women?Mental Health?-You are not Weak

I know in passing every day, we ask someone how their day is going. But, do we really want to know? How often do you ask someone, “Hey, how are you?”, and the person responds with “I am fine”. 365 more words

Black Women

Were Taye Diggs’ Comments About His Baby Out Of Line? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

When Taye Diggs said he’d rather people didn’t refer to his bi-racial child as just black, social media went up in an uproar! But did everyone overreact, or were Taye’s comments really out of line? 137 more words

Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Why Do I Care? #CountUsIn

The world we live in can be a scary place. Anyone who watches the news or spends any time on social media is inundated with stories about people who have ulterior motives. 604 more words

Down Syndrome