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First, adults responsible for teaching and caring for children should have the tools, supports, and inducements necessary for doing their work well. We need arrangements — interventions, if you will — to equip parents and teachers with state of the art skills, social supports, and tools to do their work well, including appropriate forms of accountability. 187 more words


Confirmation bias infection

“I don’t care what you say, I know what I know! And this is a problem that affects A LOT of people!”

Have you ever run into someone so wedded to her own view that she denies any evidence to the contrary? 349 more words


The Rot In Our Judiciary (1), By Dele Agekameh - Premium Times Opinion

The courts are replete with cases of bias and allegations of outright bribery and corruption against magistrates and judges.

Source: The Rot In Our Judiciary (1), By Dele Agekameh – Premium Times Opinion


My Two Cents Worth (August 23)

Bias Alert?

It seems that Fox News is running a “Bias Alert” special almost every other day.  While the Liberal slant in many of the mass media venues is well-documented and known, Fox News seems to love to forget that it is also part of the “mainstream media” and its own conservative slant is also well-documented and known.  151 more words


Classroom Resources: School Culture
Anti-Bias Domain: Justice
Grade Level: Grades 3 to 5 Grades 6 to 8 Grades 9 to 12
Subject: Reading and Language Arts Social Studies ELL / ESL… 58 more words


The Talk About Racial Bias Companies Should Be Having

(Source: hbr.org)

On his deathbed, my father made a perplexing comment to me.

He was an 82-year old, African-American U.S. Air Force veteran, dying of emphysema and Alzheimer’s disease after too many years of smoking and work-related stress. 746 more words


Historical Perspectives

“Two decades later, another Republican demonstrated that he understood that television was more hospitable to lovers than fighters (Jamieson).” This quote in itself brings to light the reality of how our media is seen. 293 more words