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Macam Macam Air Yang Diperbolehkan Untuk Bersuci

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Jum’at, 20 Dzulqa’dah 1436 H / 4 September 2015 M
👤 Ustadz Fauzan ST, MA
📗 Matan Abi Syuja’ | Kitab Thaharah
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Data-shamed, economists are turning an influential email into an experiment about bias

The weekly email that I and more than 20,000 others get from the National Bureau of Economics each Monday at 4:15am ET is something that I genuinely look forward to. 491 more words

4 Reasons Why People Underestimate Their Retirement Savings Needed

DBS survey of 800 people in 2014 showed that:

  • 73 per cent of the people polled plan to retire between 55 and 65, with an average savings of $571,715.
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Retirement Planning

IF SHE DOESN’T... – The Negativity Checklist

“You will always find the excuse you’re looking for.”

From experience, I’ve learned that there’s two popular ways human beings give character to something we’d like to have: by highlighting what it CAN do (It’s pros) OR by highlighting what it CANNOT (its cons). 54 more words

Kevin Servhis

Bertabarruk (Mencari Berkah)

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Kamis, 19 Dzulqa’dah 1436 / 3 September 2015 M
👤 Ustadz ‘Abdullāh Roy, MA
📕 Silsilah Belajar Tauhid
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Climate Change, Creationism and Science!

So I had one of my biology courses yesterday and my professor decided to start with a pointless review of what science is.  A few minutes into it I discovered it was just a way for him to bash on people that disagree with the left’s agenda.  823 more words


Commissioner Heydon's Decision on Application to Disqualify Himself

As is well known, Commissioner Heydon has handed down his reasons for not recusing himself from further sitting in judgement upon the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. 143 more words

Royal Commission