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Polish public media - a North Korean school of media in the heart of Europe

Recent transformations in the structure and coverage of public media is a result of the political interference of the ruling Law and Justice party. The implemented changes, rather than cherishing the mission of public service, show a huge disregard for the basic values of impartiality and pluralism the public broadcaster should adhere to. 1,001 more words

The idiot brain

I’m reading Dean Burnett’s “The Idiot Brain” at the moment (very interesting and worth a read).

One thing (of many) that struck me as relevant to KM and learning was from his chapter about memory and biases. 358 more words

Training And Learning

Black and White Chapter 5

Author pov

Plak! Jinrae menampar chanyeol “dasar namja kurang ajar!” Sahut jinrae geram langsung beranjak pergi “hei kau yg menantangku kan jinrae,lagipula aku hanya becanda! Chanyeol lari menyusul memgejarnya “jinrae yaah moon jinrae kembali!” Ketika chanyeol sedang mengejar jinrae ponselnya berbunyi aboeji, menelepon lagi aduuh, runtuk chanyeol “yoboseyo ya aboeji” chanyeol hampir lupa kalau dia ada meeting ke tokyo karena masalah dengan jinrae “ne aboeji,aku akan segera berangkat ke gimpo airport bersama sekertaris han” runyam sudah hancur hubunganku yg ku bangun dengan jinrae,aku benar-benar menyesal tidak seharusnya aku melakukan itu. 583 more words


Exclusion (cont'd)

Recently, I discovered that the Exclusion of veterans by Duke administrators at every level extends beyond just the lack of a center or dedicated veteran staff. 539 more words


The Four Most Important Lessons My Service in Jamaica Taught Me.

Important Things I have learned during my service:

The two plus years I have been in service have been the most amazing and the most challenging. 1,576 more words

Peace Corps