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What's Up Youtube?

There’s something wrong with Youtube that just doesn’t make sense.  Are they trying to control what people watch? It seems so.

Being more middle of the road, neither strong liberal or strong conservative but totally between the two I like to watch video from all sides of the political spectrum and all opinions even from the far left and the far right. 829 more words


Why leaders have to address unconscious bias?

Last spring, a British charity called Inspiring the Future commissioned a television ad in which some schoolchildren in Kent drew pictures of a firefighter, a surgeon and a fighter pilot. 970 more words


The Guardian: Google 'must review its search rankings because of rightwing manipulation'

The Guardian: Google ‘must review its search rankings because of rightwing manipulation’. “Google must urgently review its search ranking system because of ‘compelling’ evidence that it is being ‘manipulated and controlled’ by rightwing propagandists, leading academics have said, after the Observer reported that hate sites are now dominating searches on Muslims, Jews, Hitler and women. 31 more words


Bias Calculator 

One of the flaws of humanity is the inability to self-examine their own biases.

The best remedy to this problem is to create a bias calculator by asking yourself two questions: 46 more words


Facts, Data, Evidence and the Search for Truth – Part 5 – Roadblocks to the Truth

If you have been following my series on searching for the Truth, you will now understand the role of Facts, Data and Evidence in Truth seeking.  4,433 more words

Hats Off

Hats Off


As we grow older many things just don’t change but they increase.  Yes, some also decrease, but overall, there are more things increasing than decreasing.  353 more words