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Is the media biased?

Last week students learnt in an assembly about Fake News how important it is to use skills and knowledge learnt at school from subjects such as History, Geography, Science, English, Media Studies and Maths to question and understand the news. 47 more words

Nyet! La Voila! Los Bad Hombres! 🕵 🗽 🤡 – Part III

A new awareness of governments’ capabilities in collecting and monitoring vast amounts of information in great detail has raised concerns over privacy, civil, legal and human rights implications. 594 more words


Immediate Reactions

Author Colin Wright discusses the ways in which our unconscious brain picks up on small cues and differences about people that we meet before we are able to form complete judgements of others as human beings. 398 more words


Black Gun Owners Worried by Acquittal In Castile Shooting

Supporters of Philando Castile hold a portrait of Castile as they march along University Avenue in St. Paul, Minn., leaving a vigil at the state Capitol on Friday, June 16, 2017. 924 more words


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Apparently some U.S. citizens are guaranteed more constitutional rights than others in the eyes of the legal system and the cops who act as the armed guardians of that system.

Please Unfriend Me Now!

It’s 2am in the morning Tuesday. I’ve been lying in bed for about an hour and a half just thinking. It’s usually at times like this I flip and flop over and over until I either fall asleep or out of bed (then asleep. 1,194 more words

Mindless Musings

Cup and Saucer

Many, many, did I say many? moons ago I remember hearing people talk about standardized testing and how they are biased. The specific example I remember hearing was regrding a question along the lines of, what do you place a cup on? 560 more words

Life Lessons