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I can science better than you...

Everyone uses ‘science’ to support their claims – the research shows, the evidence suggests, scientists agree… we’ve all read it, all heard it, and let’s be honest, we’ve all said it. 994 more words

Science And The World

Intensive care, the availability heuristic and the power of follow-up

The availability heuristic is all around us. We see a shark attack on the news, and we opt out of the surf. We neglect the fact that more people died from choking, having a bath or drinking alcohol than shark attacks in 2014 (1). 467 more words


Bias Control, a Sketch, and a Block

The second block is almost completed.

It needs one more row of green, but I still have to make the green bias.

I had planned to finish two blocks, but making the long strips of bias took longer than I expected. 258 more words


Subservience: The Fear Of Separation

Let us be honest: we have or had been people pleasers either consciously or subconsciously. Our need of affirmation from our own cliques brought internal confusion and struggle of our true desires. 333 more words


Babies show bias - not towards people but to learning

Day 18 Post

My last two posts were about the research done by Alison Gopnik on how babies think. In this post, Alison came to the conclusion that babies are the learning centers of humanity. 206 more words

Combine Two Ideas

Death and the dry bones

I’ve always loved the Highlander. It tells the story of an immortal hero who fights against other immortals with the victor gaining the power of the loser. 905 more words