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Do THIS before the first day of class!

At the beginning of every school year, there are usually a few days for teachers and staff to prepare for the children’s arrival. Children are expected to grow in their academic skills, while developing appropriate SEL capacity, and be fully engaged learners this year. 841 more words

Education Management

Off the Record

I’m well aware of how difficult this is going to be; it may be deemed as completely unnecessary, but then again, I’m told that words are a powerful weapon. 598 more words



Ann Curry makes a plea for a return to truthful journalism in an era of big money corporate control over the establishment media and internet. Establishment media is incredibly biased and opinionated and often uses dubious statistical results and opinion polls to back up their propaganda which has existed for years and is mostly left wing biased. 231 more words

Common Sense

The Kingdom Kees of Overcoming Prejudice: Black Boy Bias

Daddy’s Reaction…

As Christians, it’s often easy to wax philosophically and religiously about any given topic under the sun that doesn’t personally touch our lives.  Though this is a human characteristic, it is somehow amplified in Christian lives as if we are superhuman.  772 more words

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On what part of the planet do you live where race doesn't take a part in EVERYTHING? (Take me there)

So you’re an optimist. I’m happy for you but that definitely doesn’t negate the fact that race plays a huge part in everything you and I do. 289 more words


Confronting Medical Racism And Transphobia: I Was Denied Treatment At My OBGYN Because I'm A Black Transman

I’m a transman who is medically transitioning, which means I’m on hormone therapy and self-inject testosterone every week. With testosterone, I stopped menstruating. It does a lot of other things, too, but my uterus is essentially on pause. 854 more words

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