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Dunning-Kruger effect – from incompetent to competent

One of the cognitive biases that keep the incompetent people away from realizing that they are incompetent. No matter if they constantly mess-up things at work, have the same type of dispute at home, are failing various projects, the incompetent still don’t look at them as they’re incompetent. 210 more words


Meeting in Kerteminde 17-18 March 2015

Senior scientists and MSc/PhD students within the BIAS project met at the Marine Biological Research Center (University of Southern Denmark) in Kerteminde, Denmark, 17-18th of March, 2015. 11 more words


Why is racism so efficient?

In the past few years, between the high of Obama’s election and the terrible tragedy of Ferguson, Martin Trayvon, and proliferating Jim Crow-esque voter ID laws, race is back as an urgent issue in American society. 946 more words


The Phantom Menace (of Liberal Media Bias)

It’s common knowledge that the mainstream media has a liberal bias. If anyone says anything contrary, they are labeled as a liberal apologist. FOX News is not biased; it is fair and balanced, and necessary to provide a counterpoint. 610 more words

SciShow explains why people might believe that Vaccinations cause Autism

SciShow covers a rather interesting topic: Vaccinations.

Instead of arguing whether or not Autism is caused by vaccines (which is already scientifically proven to have no correlation), SciShow highlights the fact that people have their own personal bias that are often led by misinformation. 103 more words


Pesky Human Optimism

Today I’m going to be talking about Agile Story Estimates. Please don’t go.

However, this post assumes you know a little about how agile software development is done, with user stories and story estimates. 1,293 more words

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Otherism: The Single Most Dangerous Idea in the World

It will be in just over a month that those many of us across the globe who engage in academic pursuits will pen this year’s last lines and close our newest volumes. 1,010 more words