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Cass Sunstein's Curiously Contradictory Case for Conservative Professors

This week, the legal scholar and sometime Obama-administration official Cass R. Sunstein published an essay arguing that American professors are mostly liberals and that this is a problem. 1,467 more words

Ideological Diversity

Mix Nine Dance Line ❤️

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The latest hiring taboo: class

Linda Nazareth on class bias in hiring decisions, citing a HBR blind cv study:

We love stories of rags to riches, and rightly so.

In North America, we adore hearing about the scholarship student becoming a CEO, or of the person who immigrates with a few dollars to his name then ends up a mega-success.

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Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria: A Parental Epidemic?

Florence Ashley critiques newly published research on rapid-onset gender dysphoria, arguing against the thesis that it evidences a new type of gender dysphoria for trans youth. 881 more words

Health Research

U [유] FMV #007

I don’t own any clip or music in this. I simply edited and compiled U’s parts that I liked. Everything is owned by the respective artists and agencies. 114 more words