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CNET: Amazon to fund $10M to improve fairness in AI research

CNET: Amazon to fund $10M to improve fairness in AI research. “Amazon is giving money to broaden AI acceptance. The e-commerce giant on Monday said it’s working with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to commit up to $10 million each in research grants over the next three years to help improve fairness in artificial intelligence.”

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The Full Story? Media and the Crisis in Venezuela

Venezuela represents an environment ripe for analyzing the role of media in a crisis.  There is growing concern that the media is perpetuating a narrative that is contrary to what is happening on the streets. 1,560 more words

Indictments or no, there've been plenty of high crimes and misdemeanors

Dear President Trump,

I’ve pulled back from the “no further indictments” ledge I was on yesterday having seen commentary from quite a number of more levelheaded people who are reminding everyone that there’ve already been indictments of and guilty pleas from many people in your inner circle regarding Russia and that it’s not always possible to bring criminal charges even in the face of patently unethical and immoral behavior. 401 more words

Democracy Under Siege

Watch "The British DEEP STATE and their persecution of TOMMY ROBINSON" on YouTube

Tommy Robinson was castigated by the media and even in Parliament for harassing a “journalist” at home. Except… they conveniently missed a few important details out. 7 more words


Wizardry v Walter Lippmann

“That is the radical way. For the troubles of the press, like the troubles of representative government, be it territorial or functional, like the troubles of industry, be it capitalist, cooperative, or communist, go back to a common source: to the failure of self-governing people to transcend their casual experience and their prejudice, by inventing, creating, and organizing a machinery of knowledge.

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