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New bat time, same bat place

You may have noticed that it is Tuesday, I have had a small life shuffle as I found that what with crochet classes at Dolly’s  518 more words

Insane Rambelings

Saturated Radicalization

Technical: I started this iPad drawing in August of 2013. It was one of my first in Paper by Fifty Three. There were a few things about the image that I wanted to change, so I imported it into Procreate and made some alterations. 18 more words

IPad Art

All I Know is just what I Read in the Papers...

Recently I was scrolling through Facebook and happened upon a post shared by a girl I went to high school with, lets call her Lilly.  Lilly was immensely concerned about an article she had read concerning child vaccinations.   1,118 more words

UCLA anti-Semitic students challenged - perhaps anti-Semitic teachers should be too

Ah, college. The place to put misconceptions behind you and start a new life based on the blossoming of new ideas (well, that and kegs of beer.) 549 more words

Left Wing

Does Collaboration Work?


I have watched individuals, organizations, businesses, corporations, governments come together to tackle issues, improve services, build a better mousetrap, and defeat injustice. In a few cases the partnering of resources and expertise has worked but more often than not impact wasn’t magnified. 267 more words

Brief Liberal media criticism

I was watching CNN’s State of the Union today while making breakfast. Anchor Dana Bash is talking about the 2016 potential hopefuls, largely focusing on the Republican Party’s recent CPAC conference where many top names like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker showed up to garner support. 541 more words

Media Criticism

If you're not a linguist, don't do linguistic research

A paper recently published in PNAS claims that human language tends to be positive. This was news enough to make the New York Times. But there are a few fundamental problems with the paper. 1,650 more words