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Incorporating family members into early childhood program’s anti-bias efforts is integral to its success. When children see their teachers value their families’ lives, they develop pride. 21 more words

Racial Microaggressions

NYT: How Facebook Warps Our Worlds

The New York Times: How Facebook Warps Our Worlds. “Those who’ve been raising alarms about Facebook are right: Almost every minute that we spend on our smartphones and tablets and laptops, thumbing through favorite websites and scrolling through personalized feeds, we’re pointed toward foregone conclusions. 56 more words


Facebook Internal Investigation: We Are Totally Not Biased

Facebook says that an internal investigation reveals no indication of bias. Because they’re totally going to do an internal investigation and report, “Yeah, we’re guilty all right!” “‘Our data analysis indicated that conservative and liberal topics are approved as trending topics at virtually identical rates,’ Colin Stretch, Facebook’s general counsel, said in a prepared statement. 20 more words

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Despite scientists’ and popular cultures’ many claims of science’s objectivity and universality, (I have a social science PhD and some natural science training and) I have never seen a scientific study or theory that completely removed human subjectivity — e.g., that was… 116 more words

Facebook is tweaking its internal guidelines to prevent bias in its trending news section

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Facebook has changed some of its internal guidelines for choosing which stories appear in its “Trending” topics section, following accusations of political bias. 307 more words


Facebook says an investigation of its trending topics finds "no evidence of systematic political bias"

Facebook just wrapped up its investigation into trending topics on the social network, and concludes there was “no evidence of systematic political bias,” according to… 177 more words

Facebook denies bias in trending topics, but vows changes anyway — TechCrunch

Facebook responded today to official queries regarding its Trending Topics feature, specifically allegations made over the last few weeks that the team responsible for it was deliberately suppressing conservative views and arbitrarily elevating stories with little oversight.

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