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Project Implicit

“Project Implicit is a non-profit organization and international collaboration between researchers who are interested in implicit social cognition – thoughts and feelings outside of conscious awareness and control.

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Hey Big Girl

Hey Big Girl…he says you’re too heavy to date. He’ll fuck you tonight but do the right thing and please don’t stay on too late. 86 more words


Beauty in Equations?

When people think of beauty they think of towering mountains, famous paintings, or notorious sculptures; not numbers seen in a whiteboard.  But many scholars, scientist, and mathematicians throughout written history believed that math is a form of beauty and art like a misunderstood painting or a part of an eccentric dance. 200 more words


Why Smart People Make Stupid Decisions

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We’ve all been there.

We make what we think is a rational decision. And then seconds, minutes or days later we wonder “What was I thinking?!” Was it a temporary lapse of sanity? 391 more words

Money Matters

Am I Wasting My Time Trying to Become a Published Science Fiction/Fantasy Author?

I read a wide variety of information sources, including conservative and liberal news, social media, and blogging outlets, in an effort to stay informed. I find that no one bias tends to render the world as it truly exists (in my opinion), so I try to find a balance between them all. 2,107 more words

Science Fiction

The End Of Culture Fit

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As more companies strive for diversity and inclusion, the term “culture fit” is falling out of favor.

The notion of hiring for culture fit was established as a foundation of many corporate recruiting processes. 498 more words

Money Matters

Weird biases in academia

I had a really strange interaction in the glasshouses yesterday. To understand, you have to know a little bit about these glasshouses. First, they are ancient, broken down things hidden in an old alley between buildings. 447 more words