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Lies, damned lies, and nationalist monitoring of the BBC

How would you set about researching whether a media organisation, let’s say the BBC, was biased in its news output? Qualified academics could give a better answer but my guess is that it would involve at least these steps: 1,797 more words

Bias Problems?

I got a lot of response from friends on the post I wrote about not bashing the new age movement.  And while some people felt I had made some good points, I got the idea that overall many people read and dismissed what I had to say as being either naive or simply dismissed me personally as being too ‘New Age’ to think critically about the issues in the first place.  1,061 more words


What does it take to change strongly held beliefs?

When a person does something awful to a fellow human-being, there’s always more than one person who feels the pain. In many cases, those hurt include the perpetrator’s parents, who might have done everything they could to raise a caring adult… only to see things end badly. 869 more words

Truth And Reconciliation

The Fallout

After what happened in Virginia over the weekend, many people are being pulled away from more of their friends through social media debates, memes and videos. 969 more words


Russia’s High Tech Tool Box for Subverting US Democracy, A (Semi-Complete) Guide

Putin’s government draws on a century of espionage tradecraft to influence Western society. Now it’s updated for the digital age.

Source: Russia’s High Tech Tool Box for Subverting US Democracy, A (Semi-Complete) Guide

Cyber Warfare

Humankind’s tryst with destiny

Today, India celebrates her Independence Day. This independence that she secured many years ago, marks a new life for her; a new life devoid of any suppression; a new life where she defines her own constitution; where she governs herself and allows her citizens to maximize life within that framework. 959 more words