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Maybe Media Research Is Not Such A Bad Idea?

Have you ever changed your mind before? It is likely that many of us have had a firm stance on an issue, only to have our minds swayed after finding out the other side of the story. 561 more words


If You Loved Me You Wouldn't Have Hit Me.

Dear you,

I have been in a physically abusive relationship.
No I didn’t go out with someone abusive. No my father didn’t abuse me.
I lived in a house where my brother constantly hit me and beat me up and pinned me down. 213 more words



I’ve written blogs about how random strangers have come up to me and lectured me about my choice of phone and or tablet, which is the Apple versions, so I won’t bore you there, I also have other apple products, making me a fanboi because apparently there is no fangirl, geeks never get laid, so they have no use for gender other than insults apparently. 549 more words

Little Miss Ranty Pants

RACIAL BIAS & What Dolls Can Tell Us About Race in America #ABCnews

Good Morning America, Oct. 11, 200.

A new short film by a New York City high school student asks how far our society has come in its attitude toward race since the 1940s. 168 more words


Never as Bad As You Think (Overrating Others)

You are not as Bad as you think. I tell you that in the beginning. Because I know my readers have come a long way of disturb until here. 717 more words


Circular Worldviews

At any worldview’s core, there is circular reasoning. One cannot justify the axiomatic assumptions of their worldview without appealing to those assumptions. But this does not mean that all worldviews are false or invalid, rather it simply means that circularity is necessary to any worldview. 1,040 more words