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Skewed toward the positive

Skewed is an almost inherently negative word even when things are skewed toward the positive it’s almost like cheating. But you’ve basically got a choice in life of how to see things and it’s more than just a half full glass.   296 more words

Reflection | Partial Reflection |

Is it true ??….

I ask all of you… Is it true that our joys become double and short our sorrows when we share them ? 459 more words


I Ate All the Blueberries

Sorry honey, they are all gone. I guess we will just have to get more…

This last Saturday my lovely wife and I took a trip to Costco for the free samples. 655 more words

MRFF Attacks a Christian, The Chaplains’ Flag


In the latest attack by Mikey Weinstein and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), the target is not only the United States military (MRFF’s venomous specialty) but is also an attack on history, in this case the history of the Korean War. 711 more words

What's Your Bottom Line?

Hark! She Speaks

This week for Becca’s Sunday Trees I bring one that has probably witnessed history that continues to hold significance today – from the precincts of the famous Chittor fort. 320 more words

Photo Challenge

Biased algorithms in AI applications under the watch

Last week John Desmond presented an interesting article that introduced me to an increasingly and serious topic regarding social prejudices at some artificial intelligence (AI) applications. 488 more words