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We are all biased

That airline is biased in favor of pilots with many hours of experience.

Is it possible that a newbie pilot might be safer flying this jet than someone with twenty years of daily flying? 218 more words


I am Not Open Minded

Deep within us all lies the craving for belonging. It is this pulsating need that leaves us vulnerable to bandwagons. Their resolute sound bites, witty hashtags and rousing visuals strum our heartstrings, bidding our hearts (eager for approving backslapping) to dance to their tunes and join the happy band of fist-pumping acolytes. 412 more words


Newspaper bias 

Hello everyone!

On Friday a tv show I like (it’s called ‘the last leg’, it’s great) mentioned how on tv they have laws about not being politically biased, whereas newspapers don’t. 126 more words


Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Now, and I am not trying to be biased, but the Academy has a team culture unlike any other. The only way I can begin to explain our team culture here at the Academy is with the saying “from the outside looking in, you don’t understand it. 31 more words


An illiterate is not someone who can not read and write but someone who can not learn, unlearn and relearn.

– Alvin Toffle

Quotes & Poems

US official raps ‘biased’ UNESCO resolution on Jerusalem

WASHINGTON — The United States rejects the “biased” and “counterproductive” UNESCO resolution passed Tuesday that suggested Israel has no sovereign claim to Jerusalem, a spokesman for the US Mission to the United Nations told The Times of Israel. 506 more words

Daily News

Selective justice

The just man cares about justice for all (friend and enemy alike), irrespective of personal gain. The unjust man’s talk of justice is a mere shortcut to personal gain (i.e. 19 more words