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The One Way

One way street
Where I am always correct
My pain is more expressed than yours
These thoughts in my head make more sense
Yours are not valid and this is how it will be… 122 more words


This D!©k Ain’t Freeeeee

3:30am Sunday August 16, 2015

I was just woken up out my sleep by Buddha 2.0 knocking on his sister’s door and I said a prayer that he was ok & let him in anyway. 638 more words

Moral Foundation

Straw that broke the camels back

So it has been a while since the last update, been another crazy couple of weeks. Mostly focussed on the move, so here is the latest update on a chapter that just won’t close. 433 more words

Uni vs Hornby Lynx

Lost 2-1 :(


  • Hornby actually showed some decent player conduct. Other Hornby teams can be quite vicious. This time I didn’t get any hockey sticks to the ribs, no bruises from elbows, no kicking, no shoving, no one’s parents insulted and harassed our youngest player.
  • 320 more words

Is Literotica Biased Against AM/WF Stories?

I just checked my Literotica account and noticed something interesting about the stats on my posted stories.

Now, let me say that user-voted scores compiled to give the averaged-out ratings per story don’t make or break how I view the stories, as I’ll freely let everyone know I’m not a skilled writer or anything, so let’s put the ego thing aside.  609 more words

Biased Reporting

The UK is experiencing a significant shift in the rise of anti-semitism nationwide and yet in today’s mainstream media they have become embroiled in the war between Gaza and Israel.   271 more words