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Being born into a family where they favor the youngest more. Give their love. Attention. Everything that they can ever give more to the youngest. Fairness is a  word that doesn’t exist in my dictionary ever since I was young and naive. 654 more words


The Queen v Baden-Clay [2016] HCA 35

Baden-Clay never had a hope in hell with three women on his case: Kiefel, Bell, and Gordon JJ.

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Reuters Cuts Feed of Bishop Jackson Blessing Donald Trump

This is a perfect example of the media protecting their narrative. One of the Reuters producers then said that the Trump campaign kicked them out of the event. 66 more words


Fed. Judge Rules Board Member Election Process for Ferguson-Florissant District Biased

FERGUSON, Mo. (KMOX) – A federal judge has ruled that the process of electing board members for the Ferguson-Florissant School District is biased against black voters and must be revised before another election occurs. 162 more words


Don't Judge a Book by it's . . . Bookstore?

Twice in my life I have experienced being judged beyond ‘my cover’.  The first time was when I was twelve years old and we had moved to England.  322 more words

Russian News May Be Biased – But So Is Much Western Media

Dr. Piers Robinson writes for The Guardian:

As tensions continue to escalate with Russia, increasing attention is being paid in western media to what are frequently described as the “propaganda” activities of Vladimir Putin’s regime. 239 more words


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French (the language)

Let me clear this up: I don’t really speak French.

I can hold a basic conversation – very basic. But there’s something about a language being forced on you in school. 489 more words