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Is Literotica Biased Against AM/WF Stories?

I just checked my Literotica account and noticed something interesting about the stats on my posted stories.

Now, let me say that user-voted scores compiled to give the averaged-out ratings per story don’t make or break how I view the stories, as I’ll freely let everyone know I’m not a skilled writer or anything, so let’s put the ego thing aside.  609 more words


Biased Reporting

The UK is experiencing a significant shift in the rise of anti-semitism nationwide and yet in today’s mainstream media they have become embroiled in the war between Gaza and Israel.   271 more words

partly, partially

Both mean to a certain extent, but partially, also connotes incomplete or biased. If unsure, partly is likely the better word.

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Yesterday was my goddaughter’s first birthday. Her father, whom I’ve NEVER been friends with and only say “Hi” to out of respect for her mother, inboxed me on Facebook asking me to remove the photo I posted… 454 more words

Moral Foundation

What Would you Do?

What would you do: Atheist bully segment

As I find my footing with this blog, I want to find issues that I really care about. As I’ve mentioned before, I am an atheist.  282 more words


Judgement, Seeing-Facts and Impossibly Unbiased

   Do you judge other people? More specifically do you judge another person based on the sound of their voice? Hair color? Literacy? Costume? What about thoughts and ideas? 1,030 more words


Biased Journalists

So far in history, it has been taught that journalists should be unbiased and demonstrate fairness and neutrality when reporting news, but are times changing? According to this… 255 more words