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How are we fallen! Fallen by mistaken rules,

And education more than Nature’s fools,

Debarred from all improvements of the mind,

And to be dull,expected and designed ,  30 more words

A confession...

Do you ever have those moments where a certain thing or event in your life that you were blind to before suddenly comes into focus? 415 more words

Current Events

How to React to Biased Comments at Work

(Source: hbr.org)

Bias at work is sometimes overt and insidious, but the subtle, “Wait, what just happened?” moments are far more frequent. And when you aren’t sure if someone is being prejudiced or not, it’s hard to know how to deal with the situation. 1,567 more words

Money Matters

My biased Blog

Ladies and Gentlemen! Walk right in, this is my biased blog, and I am proud of it. My little internet nirvana, my escape from reality or my rude awakening. 553 more words

Writing And Prompts

When even due diligence can be biased

(Source: techcrunch.com)

The venture capital industry’s corrosive gender bias, on full display in the past few months, has already cost one of its most valuable new companies… 1,056 more words


We are all biased

That airline is biased in favor of pilots with many hours of experience.

Is it possible that a newbie pilot might be safer flying this jet than someone with twenty years of daily flying? 218 more words


I am Not Open Minded

Deep within us all lies the craving for belonging. It is this pulsating need that leaves us vulnerable to bandwagons. Their resolute sound bites, witty hashtags and rousing visuals strum our heartstrings, bidding our hearts (eager for approving backslapping) to dance to their tunes and join the happy band of fist-pumping acolytes. 412 more words