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The Problem With The BBC

The BBC has long been subject to controversy and criticism for a variety of topics, so much so that there exists separate Wikipedia pages for each which are both longer than the page for the organisation itself. 852 more words


Youtube's policy Not suitable for most advertisers

So …. YouTube will still “USE” me to share their advertiser ads, but do they mean that some of my videos do not qualify to be paid … if I were to get enough clicks to qualify to be paid if it is “Not suitable for most advertisers”?  19 more words



In India today, people from communities oppressed both historically and recently — including Dalits, Kashmiris and Muslims — strive to stand up to the violent machismo that appears all around us.   663 more words


Kinds of People, In which Category You Sit in!!!

Hello Readers!!!

How are you leading your Life? What’s your daily Routine? Are you Happy with what you do? Any Regrets? Are you Greedy? Hmmm Even I’m confused!! 579 more words

The Trump Offensive

I wonder….1).At NFL Games Tomorrow, Will their be a counter-protest as Fans walk out because men Will take a knee. And 2.) Will an owner cut them? 30 more words

208 Seconds that make or break!

Re-blogged from another source.

I recently watched the movie Sully. Released September 2016.


It is the story of a real life pilot who landed a plane on Hudson river after twin engine failure with all passengers surviving, and yet faces an enquiry committee that is almost determined to pin him down on count of ‘wrong judgement’. 827 more words