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Who's Biased?

There is something that really nags me when someone claims a person is biased or blinded by nostalgia because they don’t like a certain thing. That’s a biased view within itself! 725 more words


Corbyn loses - just not any time soon

In light of humiliating Local Election results, Labour are having to come to terms with the fact that despite having accrued more votes and almost double the seats of their nearest rival – they are ‘big fat losers’.  190 more words


Mainstream Media

Mainstream media influences our lives and shapes our future. Increasingly, information is not simply presented, but purposely manipulated. The reporters are consistently biased in their presentations and the casual reader may not always cross reference stories or check their facts.  476 more words

Why this years IPL has been the most open ever

We are at the fag end of IPL and still the top four are not decided. Even the table toppers can still get eliminated with just two games left to play. 212 more words


Of Course Facebook Is Biased, Its real problem is that it won’t admit it

Facebook must have thought the online news game was pretty easy. Two years ago, it plucked a small team of about a dozen bright, hungry twentysomethings fresh out of journalism school or entry-level reporting jobs. 1,711 more words

Daily News

Complaint to the BBC re: being terrible

The BBC’s coverage of the local elections was steeped in Tory bias, with greatly disproportionate airtime dedicated to supposed anti-semitism within the Labour party, and attacks on Jeremy Corbyn, whilst starkly failing to provide any real coverage of the recent Tory Election Fraud scandal, which has been widely covered and reported on by Channel 4 and alternative news outlets. 274 more words


"Thank God for trump": Staying unbiased in social work

I was speaking with a client the other night and was struck by her rigid view of the world. Her boyfriend’s friends are” evil,” she’s being “attacked” by her family members. 313 more words

Social Work