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The Lady Driver

We become 16, get a learner’s license and get a scooter. At 18, we enroll in to a driving class and give tests for a permanent license. 394 more words

And So It Begins.

It’s been two days since Paris was once again so brutally attacked and unfortunately once again innocent civilians suffered. At least 128 people were killed in one night after gunmen reported to be members of ISIS erupted into the Bataclan concert hall, people were also shot dead at restaurants and bars along site. 770 more words

Ted Cruz OBLITERATES CNBC For Biased GOP Debate Questions

During last night's Republican Presidential Debate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz went OFF on CNBC for its questions to the candidates earlier in the debate.
Cruz derided the moderators for lacking in substantive questions … ironically, as a non-answer to one of the more substantive… readmore..

Scientific American: Many Antidepressant Studies Found Tainted by Pharma Company Influence


Many Antidepressant Studies Found Tainted by Pharma Company Influence

A review of studies that assess clinical antidepressants shows hidden conflicts of interest and financial ties to corporate drugmakers… 1,210 more words



Fogg describes credibility as “believability” (Fogg, p.122, 2003). What we deem as “credible” comes from what we already know, have experienced and how we look at things in certain ways. 891 more words

Learning Portfolio 4

Google is not enough

Its not your fault – 


Ever had some research to do or just curious to know a countries profile? Presumably, yes. so what do you do when your target area has insufficient data, is that the end of your research? 60 more words

What the Fuck

So, getting back on topic of what the true point of my blog is. To share my life and shed some light on issues that aren’t as relevant as they should be. 177 more words