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Cognitive Biases - 18 to be exact

No matter if we like it or not, we all have our own biases … some through our upbringing, some from our experiences, some just from our current state of mind given our mood. 95 more words

Investing/Financial Planning

The BBC: A Biased Propaganda Arm of Anglo-American Power

The BBC, a “public service broadcaster”, prides itself on reporting stories in an “unbiased way”, publishing “impartial” content that supposedly informs rather than advocates the narrow range of talking points it selectively and meticulously chooses whether to broadcast or omit. 1,864 more words

Online Reviews Are Biased. Here’s How to Fix Them

(Source: hbr.org)

Research shows many of today’s most popular online review platforms — including Yelp business reviews, and Amazon product reviews — show that the distribution of opinion is highly polarized, with many extreme positive and negative reviews, and few moderate opinions. 1,084 more words

Money Matters

The day the ASA really lost it!

I rather like the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), despite some truly screwball rulings when irritating, noisy, and uptight minority groups misuse its services.

Thanks to having the benefit of a year’s worth of legal education, I understand enough ‘legal interpretation’ to understands why some of its more obscure and apparently unreasonable rulings are made. 296 more words


A Not Entirely Objective Book Review: "The Handmaid's Tale"

I just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and I can tell you it’s not a book you review without doing a bit of research. 2,487 more words


(originally written 1/27/2018)

What is co-sleeping?

Sharing a bed with your baby – sharing the same sleeping environment – sleep-sharing, a family bed – any way you want to put it, that’s what it is. 1,598 more words

The Poo

Essentially Cat

If you do not own one, I am sure you have at least heard about the drastic increase in using essential oils and essential oil diffusers in the past couple of years! 602 more words