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Daughters are such a waste!

Cut I

Sunday Morning, My husband and Me decide to go for a coffee with one of our Close friend Kalpit (Gender-MALE).

Mr Kalpit has got a baby (Gender-FEMALE) who will be turning one in a month or two.I being the Overly Excited Soul asked him “Where is the Party?? 425 more words


Romania Scarred From Communist Past

Romania today is still suffering from their communist past in all facets of the nation. Their transition into democracy from a corrupt past is very apparent in their lack of strides in media freedoms and lack of journalistic professionalism. 243 more words


Traditionally men have held power in our society. The result of this is that traditionally male qualities and attributes have generally been seen superior to female attributes. 2,112 more words

Western Harbour

They came.
Like cockroaches on the rocks,
Infested the bay.
Washed away my memories.
Corrupted my sanctity,
With their vile innocence and innocent purity.

They came. 152 more words


Journalism and Subjectivity

Journalism, a medium which appears objective and factual, is actually subjective. Its representation of events can be from certain perspectives or viewpoints. We must be careful in seeing whether these representations are truthful of the events they portray. 618 more words


Still Alive

Branched Out,
Strong start.
Nutrient starved.
Beaten by life.
Thinned out,
Sprawled out.
Still alive. Still alive.

Drowned. Robbed.
Birds and Rain.
Wind and storm. 52 more words


Article Review: Consumer Trust in Information Sources: Testing an Interdisciplinary Model by Brad Love, Michael Mackert and Kami Silk

This article attempts to study trust in information sources in the context of genetically modified (GM) food. The article describes genetically modified food to be the forefront of technological and scientific revolution and at the same time the forefront of public controversy. 442 more words