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Calling All Truth Seekers!

I know these links already exist but I’m going to put some serious effort into compiling a list of Fake News vs Biased News vs Nonbiased News sources and making multiple YouTube videos and an article explaining the reasoning behind them all. 163 more words


Electoral college could Gyp Trump of Presidency

On December 19th 2016 the electoral college will cast their votes and they may elect Hillary over Trump, even though Trump won the election. This is one dumb way the Liberals say Hillary won the popular vote and should be the president… I have one thing to say to that; where was this when Obama won? 639 more words


Fake News

Going off of Jim Rutenberg’s article, Media’s Next Challenge: Overcoming the Threat of Fake News, it is going to be a real struggle for society to find any plausible source for information. 158 more words

Are you biased in making decisions?

I don’t write about political stuff usually but I am so disturbed about this lately that I decided to write one today.

Are your thoughts biased based on some pre-conceived notion of a person or party they are affiliated to? 632 more words

Vol #1, Col #24: The Best Laid Plans

When it comes to developing (and maintaining) psychological maturity, a key ingredient to success is cultivating a sunny disposition. As the words to the theme of Monty Python’s… 919 more words

Psych Your Mind

Gender inequality in the diagnostic process

Women and girls are being overlooked by a male bias in the diagnostic process, the data from the diagnostic process was created almost in its entirety from boys, is it because we are better at masking our symptoms or is it because our symptoms display themselves differently to those of boys. 698 more words

Knox County Schools teaching liberal agenda

Every time I do an Article on Knox County Schools I end up with a mysterious DCS (Department of Children Services) called on me as a way to Intimidate me into shutting up. 113 more words