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14 Days of Fangirling: Day 2

We take a break from dramas and jump into our kpop addiction.  Come join The Fangirls as we chat about our Kpop biases on Day 2 of our 14 Days of Fangirling.  789 more words

30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

Small Things

Small Things

An Israeli woman accidentally stepped on a Garden Snail and instead of ignoring it, kicking it to the side, wiping off her feet in disgust, took the small creature to the veterinarian to save its life. 1,019 more words


Increasing Tax base in India

A Nation is an entity which binds different section of people together. It is responsible for all the redistribution and generation of wealth, providing basic services, providing security and so on. 458 more words


The Cognitive Bias President Trump Understands Better Than You

Americans born in the United States are more murderous than undocumented immigrants. Fighting words, I know. But why? After all, that’s just what the numbers say. 40 more words


Jurists: How to Outsmart Those Who are Outsmarting You

Currently studying at Bucerius Law School, a highly selective law school in Germany, I am surrounded by many intelligent young women and men who are able to outsmart me in many different disciplines. 817 more words


A Dozen Ways To Annoy People

Pretty much all of us are guilty of some of these things, including Dillon Gerde. But Dillon Gerde is here to set the record straight. Dillon Gerde has had enough of his own shit and yours. 2,100 more words

Self Development

Sparks of Truth

I have definitely reached a point where I can feel the ebb and flow of life in Alcalá and am beginning to understand the rhythm of the city. 575 more words