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Trust Your Instincts: Answers and More

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I want to share the inspiration behind creating the quiz. Some days ago I started reading the book… 476 more words

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Nudging Compliance Vs. Nudging Creativity?

The burgeoning literature on Nudges (Thaler & Sunstein, 2008; Kamenica, 2012) in many ways talks about the power of simple/ small changes to choice architecture (through understanding the role of various underlying mechanisms like priming, framing, defaults, “less is more”, loss aversion and various other biases/ heuristics, etc.) and how these small changes could be used to influence people’s choices and behavior, including help increase compliance rates to seemingly benign corporate and government policies. 287 more words


My skin is more than that

So I had an unfortunate(?) encounter the other day. It wasn’t very pleasing when it happened but it gave me a chance to write a blog post. 681 more words

Bounded Ethicality

The Carnegie school (read Herbert Simon and his conception of “bounded rationality”) has influenced scholars like Max Bazerman (PhD from Carnegie-Mellon, 1979) to extend the idea of cognitive limitations to the sphere of morality and ethics as well. 324 more words


Identify Fake News That’s Full of C.R.A.P.

How to Know the Difference

By: Mark Deutsch

On November 28, there was a fake news workshop hosted in the library for those who needed clue credits or had an English 111 requirement. 569 more words


Why Intellectual Responsibility is Important

I have now been unfriended by two facebook friends immediately after saying ‘If you don’t have solid evidence, it’s prudent suspend judgement.’ One was family. I had no idea it was such an inflammatory statement. 1,233 more words


Why Smart People Make Stupid Decisions

(Source: www.forbes.com)

We’ve all been there.

We make what we think is a rational decision. And then seconds, minutes or days later we wonder “What was I thinking?!” Was it a temporary lapse of sanity? 391 more words

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