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Things my Psych Major Taught me

This may or may not fit into the theme of this blog. But it’s that time again in which family drama worms it’s way into my life and I think that there are some things I’ve learned in basic psych classes that applies both to designing experiments and every day life. 584 more words


Rationality > IQ

Warren Buffett in Fortune

How I got here is pretty simple in my case. It’s not IQ, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear. The big thing is rationality.

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Paper Cuts and Fatal Bullets

In my current job, I create and facilitate bystander intervention trainings for student leaders. We focus not only on sexual assault prevention, but other instances where we may need to step in as active bystanders. 1,214 more words


Human Nature #14: Illusion of Control

Have you ever found yourself pressing an elevator button multiple times or with greater force? Have you ever found yourself blowing on a pair of dice or standing up for your team’s attempt at a winning play? 465 more words

Human Nature

Biases: The “halo effect” … rock on, sister!

Since Alicia Keys debuted as a coach on The Voice last night, I have a semi-legitimate excuse for reprising one of my all-time favorite posts … topic is a cognitive bias called the “halo effect”. 340 more words

Cognitive Biases


She was sitting two rows behind me, I think.

I don’t remember where exactly.

I saw her for the first time as a reflection in the restroom mirror. 177 more words


Brief thoughts on biases

Cognitive biases are all the rage in intellectual discourse, especially since the publication of Thinking, Fast And Slow.

Recent on Twitter I came across this tweet: 245 more words