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Taking better decision

It is often said that our lives are built around decisions we take. Even the minutest details of our lives are controlled by our decision from waking up in the morning to career decision to relationships and much more. 298 more words


Failures, Flaws and Findings - Alex S.

In the chapter, ‘It’s Hard Even on the Good Days’, Richard Harris moves from the general idea of reproducibility to the biases and flaws occurring in the labs that cause it and the failures they have lead to. 466 more words

Summer Reading

Words of Wisdom

Today was a little bit different. Today was the first day all four of the SAGE III interns were together, so our mentor Charles decided to talk about something important with us: the flaws of our own brains. 713 more words


Let's Talk About Biases

Confirmation Bias (noun): The tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.

Picture this…you’re arguing with someone and backing your statements with facts, however, the other person refuses to see it your way. 637 more words


3 New Biases I Finally Have

Most people are really quick to pick biases, that used to be me too however I find it a little harder to pick biases these days, mostly because it’s a bit harder for me to get into newer groups. 196 more words

The First Time I Realised Pink Is Unisex

I can’t think of a particular demarcation line, the memory is too spread out and vague. But I can guess. First of all a background most of the boys go through, making fun of pink like it was worth it. 263 more words