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Various ways I think about things and some stuff about the reactions to LKY's death (Another Facebook debate)

Once again, this is not a real post. Similar to the last one, the majority of this post will consist of a copy and paste of some facebook comments I made. 4,305 more words


On Developing a Good Business Instinct

Gut instincts. We know what it means but it is hard to explain, and even harder to articulate what helps you develop a good instinct. 305 more words


35 Concepts that Affect Organizational Transformation Efforts

Organizational transformation entails understanding where the organization is today and where it wants to be in the future in terms of people, products/services, processes and technologies. 3,766 more words

Business Improvement And Transformation

HOPEISNOWHERE - Identifying our Biases in our Work

Every new analyst in the Intelligence Community must attend a training course called Analysis 101, which is sponsored by the National Intelligence Council.  One morning in the winter of 2008, while my class was settling into their seats, the instructor wrote the following cluster of letters on the board in ALL CAPS: 1,210 more words


What Are Implicit Biases And How Can You Prevent Them?

In recent years, the all-too-common story line involving the white male who kills a black man has almost become a cliche. From Trayvon Martin to Michael Brown, these cases sadly seem to be a part of our everyday news. 695 more words


What are your chances of dying from ___ ?

OK, here’s a test for you  …

Rank the the following by the odds that somebody who is in the group or who is exposed to the risk is likely to die. 240 more words

Problem Solving


This is my first post on this but it will not be my last. I am going to be focusing on what I feel is the most egregious issue with the DSM-5. 851 more words