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Presumption Bias

The bias of presuming something to be true with very little evidence or rationality. This bias may lead one to behave very irrational based on their presumptions. 183 more words


But what’s the Price?

(I came up with ten other jokes that might make a better headline, but no pun intended1.)

In case you couldn’t tell, this post is in response to the recent news that the Toronto Blue Jays had acquired Ace pitcher David Price after much speculation that the team would add to their rotation. 824 more words

Bad Puns

Diplomatic…Politically Correct...

A friend has repeatedly called my articles politically correct.  The insinuation is the weakness of my mind to be indecisive.  No one has accused me ever before of being indecisive or weak.  848 more words

In My Opinion

Bias from parents can be a barrier to raising girls who are leaders, study finds

Teens and parents — yes, mothers too — have biases against girls and women as leaders, says new research from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and its Making Caring Common (MCC) project. 128 more words

Human And Civil Rights

The Future is Here

The phrase “kids are the future” may ring in your ears you’ve heard it so much. The focus on educating children of today so that “our” future is protected seems to be one of the most coveted institutions of American society – and with good reason. 721 more words


Sandra Bland: Deeper than Racism

You may have heard in the news recently of Sandra Bland, a 28 year-old black woman whose mysterious death while in police custody is being widely scrutinized by the media and American citizens. 1,299 more words


Original Thought Bias

Presuming that a new idea or thought is original since you search your memory for ever encountering that idea and upon failing to find it you presume it’s a new idea/thought. 191 more words