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Glances from Over the Shoulder

Spouses, romantic interests, children, friends, money, secret proclivities, and/or the desire to actualize are all salient features that propels us to the height of euphoria or conversely to the depths of the despair. 496 more words

Psychology of Intelligence Analysis Annotated: Biases

We are always on a journey to better design our job. This has been my mood during this current Brazilian crisis. I (almost) always come down to qualitative key issues that deter me from further exploring investment ideas, many of those related to people and incentives. 457 more words


This technology is designed to predict big earthquakes and save lives, but it can't get funding

Last week, in less than four days, the world had three earthquakes at 7.0 magnitude or more. One in Myanmar caused two deaths; in Japan there were 40; and in Ecuador there have been 350 killed and still counting. 848 more words

KPop101 & My Spirit Animal

Saturday night was incredible. Let me just start with that.

Why was it so incredible?

Well because I got to not only see one of my favorite KPop artists, but I got to meet him as well. 612 more words

Biases II

Some time ago, I wrote about the most common errors that we make in our thinking. This post continues where the last one left off, and looks at a couple more of such errors. 816 more words


Biases I

In the past few years, there has been a heightened interest in the follies of human behavior. There is a growing realization that we, as humans, are not usually as smart, rational and clear-thinking as we usually think we are. 735 more words



My memory is a curse I shall never be able to get rid of.

Too many injustices for me to completely forget.

Too many unfounded biases for me to endure;