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Leaders Aren't Defined by Labels

Are you a college football fan? If so, you undoubtedly watched the championship last week. The game featured the defending champions, the University of Alabama, versus the Clemson Tigers. 975 more words

Leading Others

Loading the Weights and Biases into a New Model

Sometimes you might want to adjust, or “finetune” a model that you have already trained and saved.

However, loading saved Variables directly into a modified model can generate errors. 511 more words

Deep Learning

Day 809

Recently I came face to face with my own subconscious biases. They came as a surprise but were interesting to watch once I became aware of them. 197 more words

8 Skeptical Tricks For Spotting Fake News

Fake news have recently rose to prominence as a powerful force of misinformation. It has portrayed random young people as missing, identified people as perpetrators of heinous crimes they never committed, influenced general elections and even started social media fights between nuclear powers. 1,611 more words


Perceptions and Biases in Human Hybridization

In anthropological and sociological circles, biases are a constant shadow over one’s research and perceptions. So much so that there are entire fields dedicated to studying and studying them. 812 more words


Little Dose of Pessimism

You may think become an optimist will make your life becomes better, but this is actually wrong. An optimist is prone to the cognitive bias, the most common one is survivorship bias. 299 more words


Biases and prejudices rule our lives

Carlo de Leon

“A major danger in using highly abstractive methods in political philosophy is that one will succeed merely in generalizing one’s own local prejudices and repackaging them as demands of reason. 1,824 more words