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Biases. Happy Saturday.

By Lupita Peimbert.

Racial and other biases often are imperceptible. They show up when people feel threatened. We are triggered. We judge quickly. We let racial and other certain filters be the only source of information. 140 more words


Raphael Lataster or How "scholarship" reached a new low

I was spending my weekly hours catching up to date on fields that have the least to do with my own, and became rather irritated. It’s bad enough when scientists who are trained in the application of statistical methods to research designs are systematically misinformed, provided with minimal exposure to the logic and mathematics underlying the computational tools they use, and produce “statistically significant” findings that are basically worthless. 1,318 more words


"Parece como un mes"

How many times have I heard that and said that?

It’s the end of the first week. And ever as I type that out I realize that it means 1/5 of the program is over but during the week it felt like so much has happened. 441 more words

On Mexico

The Power of the Unconscious!

Our first impressions are powerful. Research by Willis and Todorov of Princeton found that we make a decision about a person’s competence, likability, and trustworthiness within the first tenth of a second that we meet them and those impressions hold true for us months later. 443 more words


Problem Solving: A matter of perspective …

According to ChinaSmack.com, most Hong Kong elementary school applicants are able to answer this admissions test question in the allotted 20 seconds.

Can you? 135 more words

Problem Solving

Are our climate records wrong?

I wanted to demonstrate the importance of knowing even some elementary applied mathematics, but of course for those not already convinced that they need any more math (and don’t want to learn more) I need an example that is sensational or inflammatory. 1,494 more words


Book Review: What Works for Women at Work, Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey, 2014

Being a scientist is tough, but being a scientist who is female is tougher than being a scientist who is male. I know this because it has been my personal experience. 964 more words

Working As A Professor