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Photo Props

I have been doing a lot of baby photos lately and these use more photo props than most of the other types of photography I do. 385 more words


BIB Collection 2

Young boy playing with his penis.

Isn’t that nice?


A girl needs a bib...

(Yes yes, I’m a BIG “Game of Thrones” fan.)

A girl needs a bib. Or a boy.  Or, anyone who drools on a regular basis.  I imagine, this is what Lady Catelyn Stark did in her spare time in Lord Eddard Stark’s solar when her kids were babies/toddlers… I guess she could have still been making them for Rickon had she not gone to investigate.  70 more words


Stubborn stains

Dear Lotta

I am a young mother with a 9 month old baby.  She’s started eating solids and one of her favourites is banana.  She’s a messy eater and more often than not more banana ends up on her bib and clothes than in her mouth!  138 more words