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Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Who Would You Like to Blame?’

In “Mothers,” a ninth-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) stands in the office of Dr. Gibson (Bibi Besch), who is seated in a chair. … 550 more words


Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 197 — ‘Mothers’

“Mothers” brings back Patricia Shepard, who visits Southfork and is stunned to discover her daughter Sue Ellen is being treated for alcoholism. Patricia’s arrival allows “Dallas” to delve into Sue Ellen’s past, drawing a connection between her troubled childhood and the addiction that now overwhelms her. 1,044 more words


THE BEAST WITHIN: Of Sleaze And Cicadas In The Deep South

Horror was good to producer Harvey Bernhard during the ’70s and ’80s:  most notably, he made three Omen films between 1976 and 1981 and would score a notable pop-horror hit in 1987 with The Lost Boys.  909 more words


The Dal-List: Sue Ellen’s 10 Most Memorable Moments (So Far)

As the indomitable Sue Ellen Ewing, Linda Gray has captivated television audiences since “Dallas’s” 1978 debut. Sue Ellen Week continues with this list of the character’s greatest moments from her first 35 years. 1,341 more words