"Cairo leadership builds ties with Israel and fosters Palestinian unity" while it sidelines Abbas [VIDEO]

Egyptian leader Sissi is showing his mettle by posing with Netanyahu
by Avi Issacharoff
September 19, 2017

In meeting publicly with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi has once again proved that he is the bravest Arab leader in the region. 109 more words

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What Israel Can Learn From Hurricane Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey continues its path of destruction across the southeastern United States, there are some lessons for Israel in the storm’s aftermath. While Harvey is an epic natural disaster, the takeaways for Israel have nothing to do with storms, acts of God, climate change, or how to deal with unprecedented destruction. 1,041 more words


Why Trump Can Do No Wrong In Netanyahu’s Eyes

“This is bonkers. Israel’s government says don’t overreact to neo-Nazis in the US because it could hurt relations with Trump. Totally insane.”

So said Dr. Brian Klaas… 139 more words

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s Silence on Charlottesville

UPDATE 8/16: Labor chief Avi Gabbay took a while, but today did issue a very strong statement condemning the events in Charlottesville, clearly blaming the white supremacists and implicitly complaining about Trump’s response. 770 more words

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The High Stakes Focus on Jerusalem

As Israel bakes in the midst of its usual summer heat wave, Jerusalem is heating up in other ways. Last week’s terrorist attack right outside the gates to the Temple Mount obviously raised the temperature, and it has the potential to cause even more chaos in its aftermath. 1,176 more words


How Israel Should Relate to Diaspora Jewry

This week’s Israeli cabinet decisions to scrap an agreement to establish a separate space for egalitarian prayer at the Western Wall and to perpetuate the Haredi monopoly over conversions in Israel are disappointing and damaging, and will adversely affect relations between Israel and Diaspora Jews. 1,005 more words


Israel betrayed by yet another administration in Washington: Tillerson promotes falsehood to justify Palestinian aid

The duplicity never ends in this administration. From Susan Wright at The Resurgent

It is becoming increasingly difficult to say the Trump administration is a true friend to Israel, one of the selling points to Evangelical voters during the run up to the election.

199 more words
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