Trump's Treacherous Trip

President Trump is making his first trip overseas next week, and unlike President Obama’s decision to fly past Israel on his first Middle East trip, the Holy Land is on Trump’s itinerary. 1,402 more words


President Donald J. Trump - Weekly Address: 5/12/2017 - White House

  • Confidence in the American Economy has reached levels not seen in many years.

  • Unemployment Fell to its lowest level in nearly ten (10) years and created 211,000 new jobs.

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President TRUMP

Jewish State Should Not Mean Exclusively Jewish

The question of whether Israel is a Jewish state has inexplicably become a hot button topic over the past decade. It is something that seems indisputably self-evident – after all, the essence of the Zionist movement is Jewish sovereignty in the Jewish homeland – but the idea that Israel must be explicitly recognized and proclaimed as a Jewish state has gone from stating the obvious to a point of contention in Israeli affairs both foreign and domestic. 1,108 more words


Flynn’s DIA Deputy Goes ‘Apoplectic’ over Flynn’s Possible Treason

Editor’note: One word comes to mind…. unreal! Betrayal, after betrayal, after betrayal… it just keeps piling up like a heap of junk on a waste disposal site!   1,398 more words


The Politics of Netanyahu Vs. Germany

On the week that we remember and reflect upon the German genocide against Jews, the Jewish state is in a spat with Germany. On German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel’s agenda during his visit to Israel this week were meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and NGOs Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem, but after Gabriel refused Netanyahu’s ultimatum that he cancel his meeting with the two groups,  1,307 more words


SERMON: Were Jews Murdered in the Holocaust?

Tell the truth: isn’t Sean Spicer a piece of work? You really never know what’s going to come out of his mouth! Last week, what he said – or didn’t say – in regard to the Holocaust, even he could not find a more eloquent explanation than to say: “I made a mistake. 67 more words