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Set links on custom bibtex-keys with bibtex OR biblatex

Long time ago, while working on my thesis I fumbled with bibtex (do NOT do this) that creates bibliographies from *.bib files using a horrible stack-based scripting language for the styling. 595 more words


LaTex: From NatBib to BibLatex

Several things need to be considered when changing your bibliography from natbib to biblatex.

First, in the preamble (before starting the document), the package has to be changed. 159 more words


Learning and customizing biblatex and natbib

Good sources from Sharelatex:

Remember to handling citation and bibliography, you can use EITHER biblatex OR natbib. Each has its own strengths. I prefer biblatex but natbit enables you to create your own .bst file easily… 29 more words

Lyx And Latex

Referencing web pages using Biblatex

I want to use some URLs as references but academia is slow in adopting a standard format for this. Recently I’ve been getting around this problem by just inserting them as footnotes. 491 more words

Setting Lyx to use biblatex package

First, read this website: biblatex and Lyx

The steps that work for me are :

1) With LyX 1.6.0 and newer:


Writing a PhD Thesis in LaTeX

As you might have guessed from my last post I am currently getting familiar with LaTeX, a typesetting platform that enables you to create all kind of documents. 1,379 more words

Communicating Research

Announcing Bibulous - a BibTeX replacement based on templates

The Bibulous project is something I started in late 2012 as a replacement for the BibTeX tool used by TeX/LaTeX users to process bibliographies. I wanted to develop my own custom bibliography format and was frustrated with how difficult it was to use existing tools to do that. 815 more words