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Latex Bibliography with Biblatex

Biblatex is the new way of working with bibliographies in Latex, replacing the traditional Latex bibliography package: bibtex.

It is preferable to use Biblatex, because of it has unicode support and more types of bibliography entries that bibtex. 136 more words

\citet and alpha

If you tried to use a bibliography style like alpha or alphaurl with the package natbib, you might have already noticed that using it in combination with the command \citet doesn’t work – instead, something like ‘author et al.’ ‘(author?)’ is displayed. 113 more words


Multiple citations, biblatex and APA

Issues with multiple citations of an author and biblatex-apa

Recently I had to refer an author multiple times in a document. I had recently shifted to biber and biblatex. 576 more words