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King David and The Good Wife

Often, as I read the Bible, I come to a passage which makes no sense. Something happens, there is a reaction to it, and you are left wondering why. 1,049 more words


The purpose of this blog..

Hello everyone, as the title states, in this article I would like to make clear what this blogs purposes are and are not. 1.To examine thoroughly… 162 more words

The end of the beginning

My kids have been off school for 6 weeks summer holiday.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone but we are definitely ready for the new term now.   257 more words

Bible Art

Bible Blog: Day 1

I am doing a 30 day bible blog challenge. i will be receiving bible quotes every morning and then blogging about how I feel about them as a person who is not christian. 164 more words


A Path Well Lit

Let’s face it, life can get challenging for us all. Maybe you’re in the middle of a crisis that seems like has gone on forever. Perhaps a marriage that’s falling apart, you’ve lost a loved one or a family member is struggling in their personal life. 602 more words


Are Women Possessions?

I have been reading through the Bible, from start to finish, and trying to blog about what I read as honestly as I can. Obviously I am partly a product of my upbringing (not necessarily bad) but I wanted to look with fresh eyes, to try and take the words written and understand them. 1,529 more words


Bible Blog 8 - Into Numbers

Numbers is well named – someone did an awful lot of counting. It is not an easy book, as the first part seems to be mainly lists of genealogies, and the second part has stories which I do not understand at all. 909 more words