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deep calls to deep

Let my sighs give way to songs

that sing about your faithfulness

Let my pain reveal your glory

as my only real rest

Let my losses show… 1,093 more words

Just Life

Bible Blog: "Return to Me" (Zechariah 1:1-6)

Prophets like Zechariah and all the others in the Bible had an important job. While we typically think of a prophet as telling the future (yes, that’s often part of it), the biblical prophet’s job, first and foremost, was to tell the truth! 602 more words

Bible Blog: "My House Shall be Built" (Zechariah 1:7-21)

So while yesterday’s text had to do with God’s people returning to Him in true brokenness over their sin, today’s has to do with judgment. Three months after using Zechariah to call the exiled Israelites to return to Him, God now issues a promise and a verdict. 840 more words

Welcome to the Bible Blog!

A new addition to ShepherdMySheep is something I’m calling simply the Bible Blog. As spiritual beings, we all need spiritual food. These posts are my attempt to share some of what God is feeding me from His word with you. 96 more words

The Good Father



There are few things as important to understand as the fatherhood of God and I don’t think it is any accident that it comes top of the list in the Apostles Creed. 4,298 more words

Bible Blog

Unfinished Business

1 Kings 2:1–11

1 Kings 2:1–11 relates the deathbed charge of King David to his son, Solomon. After delivering typical advice fit for a new ruler, David leaves Solomon with three specific tasks. 601 more words

Bible Blog

Children of the King

1 Corinthians 4:8–14

“Power corrupts…and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This common saying is at the heart of many people’s thinking about the role of power in politics, whether national, institutional, or interpersonal. 639 more words

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