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Bible Code Predicts Economic Collapse in 2015

Published on Mar 28, 2015

Blood moons and eclipses are sensational, but have you heard about the ‘Super Shemitah’? Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn explains The Mystery of the Shemitah, The Biblical Pattern Which Indicates That A Financial Collapse May Be Coming In 2015. 21 more words

The Matrix

Decoding the Bible

Is the Bible coded? Everything in Omniverse/multiverse is coded. Over millennia, certain Jewish rabbis have worked with Hebrew letter-number coding, as have many non-Jewish mystics. Every Hebrew letter correlates with a number, and mathematics can be fruitfully applied to those sacred texts because numbers are the expressive manifestation of metaphysical logic. 1,099 more words

Applications Mavintory™

Destiny - Tom Lowe

This is an ode to conspiracy theories big and small.  If you like your mysteries filled with cryptanalysis, Isaac Newton, spy agencies across the world, and religion this may be the book for you. 467 more words

Book Reviews

Alzheimer's Disease in the King James version Bible Code

The King James version Bible Code looks at Alzheimer’s Disease.  Bible Code matrix on Alzheimers Disease.



King James version Bible Code matrix on the TOR protein and gene that is related to aging

A King James version Bible Code matrix on the TOR protein and gene that may cause aging.  Research on TOR may in the future lead to reversing aging and permanent youth or at least greatly extended human lifespan and longevity – a fountain of youth. 6 more words