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The Story of God

Writing about the Bible, author/speaker, Greg Koukl writes,

“This is not a fairy tale, but rather it is the Story all fairy tales are about. Indeed, almost every tale ever written is an echo of this story embedded within our hearts (

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Praise & Worship Bible Study Lessons, Just for You!

Here It Is….What You Have Been Waiting For!

Hey True Worshipper of God,

I have been working tiredly getting these interactive lessons out for you about praise and worship with great joy.  306 more words


Suicide and the Bible - Part 2

After recently reading my  original blog, Suicide and the Bible,  a reader kindly wrote,

I was reading your “Suicide and the Bible”..and I just have a question.

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Do You Keep the Ten Commandments

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he brought with Him the two stone tablets on which the Ten Commandments were written by the hand of G-d. 1,241 more words


I Don't Hate You

I know a lot of Christians.  They are my family, friends, and coworkers. Since learning the truth about their religion, some might think I don’t like them anymore.   1,032 more words


Reading the Bible Through, Cover-to-Cover...

A professor once remarked to former atheist, Josh McDowell: “If you are an intelligent person, you will read the one book that has drawn more attention than any other, if you are searching for the truth.” 390 more words

Grace Notes