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Content and Context (part 7) - Gospels and Acts

We return to our Content and Context Series today (see the beginning *here*)—just in time for the Advent season. It’s the perfect opportunity to focus on Jesus’ life and purpose on earth. 602 more words


Content and Context (part 5) - Major Prophets

It’s really all about God, isn’t it? When I started this content and context listing, I wanted to write the summary sentence for each book so that the focus was on God. 560 more words


Content and Context (part 4) - Historical Books cont. & Wisdom Literature

Have you ever tried to summarize the Psalms in one sentence? That’s a doozy! I made an attempt below as we continue our content and context chart for the Books of the Bible. 713 more words


Content and Context (part 3) - Historical Books cont.

This week, we have the entire history of Israel’s monarchy—from the first grumblings for a king such as all the other nations have (1 Sam 8:5) to the exile, with some repetition thrown in for good measure. 593 more words


Content and Context Clues for the Books of the Bible (part 2)

Here’s the next installment for teaching our children the content and context of the books of the Bible! Click here for the context of this series.  267 more words


Sermon Highlight: Committed

There are a number of definitions for committed, both good and bad. You could have committed a robbery and been committed to prison for it. 285 more words

Bible Learning

Books of the Bible - Pentateuch

The Pentateuch (First 5 books, the Hebrew Torah)

  • about: beginnings—of the universe, of faith
  • God makes the world and chooses a people group.
  • Big stories: Creation, Noah, Abraham/Isaac/Jacob (a.k.a.
  • 287 more words