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Who ate savoury meat before giving his blessing?

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He had his first-born in front and, for sending him for food, the outcome was different from what he had in mind. 24 more words

Old Testament

Which king ordered to divide a living child in two to identify his real mother?

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Nothing happened to the child… It was just an amazing way to solve the matter. 8O


Which king said: "my father scourged you with whips; I will scourge you with scorpions"?

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He didn’t do it “literally”, but these words cost him much of his kingdom. :(


Bible Quiz #3

Grading (15 point scale)

14-15 (Doctor of Theology)

12-13 (Master of Theology)

10-11 (Bachelor of Bible Studies)

08-09 (Associate of Bible Studies)

06-07 (Are you a Sunday school teacher? 22 more words

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