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Junior Bible Quiz Pioneer George Edgerly with the Lord at Age 76

George Allan Edgerly, 76, of Springfield, Missouri, left this life on May 21, 2016. He was born in Selma, Iowa, on July 14, 1939, to Ralph and Edith (Tweedy) Edgerly. 489 more words

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May Bible quiz (& last month's answers)

 May Bible Quiz

  1. Who died last: Miriam, Aaron, or Moses?
  2. The rebuilder of what city would come under a curse from the Lord?
  3. In his dream, Nebuchadnezzar saw: a metallic statue, a raging fire, or a toppled idol?
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April Bible quiz

  1. Who was the first murder victim?
  2. What desert is Mt Sinai in?
  3. What did David want God to blot out?
  4. What article of clothing was used to legalize transactions in Israel?
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March Bible quiz

  1. Why did the midwives refuse to obey Pharaoh`s order to kill the Hebrew baby boys?
  2. Where did the ark land after the flood receded?
  3. What feast celebrates Esther`s triumph over Haman: Pentecost, Passover, or Purim?
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How Well Do You Know Your Bible? Take the Quiz and see.

The answers to the Quiz will be posted in tomorrow’s blog post. Try to answer without using any references including the internet or your Bible. 104 more words

Bible Knowledge Jeopardy

This is Jeopardy!  Ok, I’m no Alex Trebek.  My husband created a Bible Knowledge quiz for our Junior Soldiers to gauge where they are in their understanding.   71 more words

Junior Soldiers