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Featured Resource: Bastions of the Bible

“Bastion” can refer to a champion or hero. The major characters of the Bible are its “bastions.” This book summarizes the lives of ten characters. It explains how they point to Jesus, and it applies their stories to our Christian lives.  47 more words


Your Revelation Is Coming

Trying to photograph the moon has been my white whale.

Back when I first became interested in photography, the moon was one of the first things I wanted to shoot.  972 more words


On Giving the Zebedee Family a Hard Time

By virtue of baptism, we are joined to Jesus Christ–and thus, supernaturally joined to all other baptized-believers. It’s a powerful reality! But, this truth can often be hard to see behind the human struggles we have when it comes to relating to each other and Jesus in our earthly existence. 1,028 more words

Bible Study

Applying Our Faith Produces Extraordinary Results

As explained in Acts 19:11-22, God produced extraordinary results in Ephesus. Handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched Paul were taken to the sick and their illnesses were cured. 248 more words


Just Call.

“I know I have been blessed as I am still sober today. Truly I can rejoice with Paul when he wrote Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord!

319 more words
Find Hope

It Simply Can't - Ever - Be Too Late

Eight years ago today, I hated myself. I loved (narcissistically) myself. I loved to hate myself, but hated to love myself. So God, who loves me and who loves to love me, showed me what real love is by directly intervening in my attempt to end the love-hate struggle once and for all. 656 more words

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