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Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste

The Pentagon has buried an internal study that exposed $125 billion in administrative waste in its business operations amid fears Congress would use the findings as an excuse to slash the defense budget, according to interviews and confidential memos obtained by The Washington Post. 3,033 more words

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LOL: Angela Merkel Calls For Burka Ban In Bid to Get Re-Elected

Chris Menahan

Angela Merkel, rather than admit her mistake and call for the deportation of the more than one million migrants she imported into Germany, is instead calling for a burka ban. 300 more words

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California lawmakers bill to fight Trump’s deportation plans

Seriously time to get out of this state! Maybe State of Jefferson.

California lawmakers have proposed legislation to fight US President-elect Donald Trump over his campaign rhetoric against undocumented immigrants. 123 more words

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The Bribe of the Century: EU will Give Assad Money if he Allows Al Qaeda to Rule Over Parts of Syria

This may very well be the bribe of the century.

Instead of helping EU citizens suffering from years of austerity, poverty and misery, the EU oligarchs ruling in Brussels prefer to give EU cash on hand to Al Qaeda and ISIS Wahhabi terrorists. 563 more words

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Meditation on Psalm 24

The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof;
the world, and they that dwell therein.

This Psalm begins with a basic, yet profound proposition: God made the earth and it belongs to Him. 

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Longing for restoration

The consequences of Israel’s disobedience in Joel’s day were hitting hard- for both man and animal. A combination of locusts and drought had destroyed the crops. 141 more words