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3000...not a bad number!

Wycliffe Bible Translators recently celebrated their 3,000 translated Bible! It’s so great to be part of an organization that is ridding the world of Bible Poverty.  10 more words

Why was the New Testament written in the Greek language, and what does this mean for Christians today?

The New Testament is very important to the Christian Faith. It is a part of the Holy Scriptures and therefore “breathed out” by God, just as the Old Testament books were. 471 more words


Ok...I doodled!

We were gifted a few days at the beach last week, so I practiced my doodling while walking alone one morning.

Thanks for praying as Ken spends two weeks in our Orlando, FL office. 21 more words


The Right Man for the Job

Story by Karen Weaver, Photo by Karen Weaver

In 2006, audio recording specialist Dan Bauman accompanied translator Alan Canavan to the Bwanabwana Islands in Milne Bay Province. 341 more words


What makes me foreign

As a white person living and working in Sub-Saharan Africa, I am immediately identified as a foreigner by the color of my skin. When I first came to Africa, the organization I world for was staffed almost exclusively by white people coming from North America and Europe. 443 more words

Faith Now

Just the Beginning

Story by Karen Weaver, Photos by Susan Frey

In late July, Musungwik village was a buzz of activity. Men built a grandstand and two shelters for guests, covering the latter with coconut fronds to provide shade. 313 more words


Pioneer Bible Translation

I wrote this article in 2008 for a college writing assignment.  

Have you ever tried to learn a language?  You learn the alphabet and vocabulary and struggle with the pronunciation and grammar.   1,122 more words