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Jesus Film Partnerships

Story and photo by Karen Weaver

Winterford knew there was a Miniafia speaker living on the base at the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) center in the town of Lae, so he downloaded the Jesus Film in Miniafia to share with her. 219 more words


A Fast Learner

It was 2012. Ken took a trip to an Asian country. He and his colleagues were tasked with developing and testing Bible translation software training materials. 171 more words

Bible Translation

Wild and Romantic: A Glimpse into the Life of Ann Hasseltine Judson

When someone dies at the age of 37, whether we knew them or not we usually think of it as a great tragedy. That tragedy is founded on the belief that every life holds promise—for some extraordinarily so—but an untimely death snuffs out all that could have been. 517 more words


Go north

When I go to missions events in Ghana, the mission speakers call for missionaries to “go north.”

The mission events are held in the South of Ghana because that is where the churches are. 354 more words

Bible Translation

Restoring Colour to a Dark World

Story by Theresa Wilson and Karen Weaver, 1st photo by Theresa Wilson, 2nd by Beata Wozna

Prisila was born into a world of colour. She could gaze at the Pacific waters surrounding her small island home of Patexux and see the coconut palms swaying against the vibrant blue or cloudy skies. 354 more words


Still More Simple A’s for Common Bible Translation Q’s

This is the third installment of my series “Simple A’s for Common Bible Translation Q’s.” Pastorally, these kinds of questions arise frequently, but I think Christians are often a bit embarrassed to ask them. 1,015 more words

A Pastoral Word

A reason to use the NRSV/ESV/NABRE over the ASV/NASB/others

The NRSV/ESV/NABRE incorporate a lot more DSS/Septuagint readings into their main OT text than the other versions.

Take, for example, Deuteronomy 32:8 and 32:43, both of which make much more sense when relying on the DSS/Seputagint in place of the Masoretic Text. 148 more words