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Mindful Monday #7: Armor Part 1

A large part of living mindfully is intentionally thinking about things that most people rarely consider. This enables us to see the deeper meanings behind some things. 491 more words


You Have the Green Light!

Hello fam –

How was your weekend? I hope you had a refreshing one. Tell me about it in the comments. Today, I want to share a little Monday motivation. 1,450 more words



Original sin is not something we understand as well as did those Americans who founded our nation.  How can we say that with confidence? Our… 983 more words


Dear Alabama Republicans

Dear Alabama Republicans;

Tomorrow is your big day. The day you can prove to the rest of the nation just how Godly, moral and righteous you are. 499 more words

Donald Trump

An Argument for Linear Biblical Teaching

I often wonder how I am going to teach my three kids about Jesus, the Bible, and the radical love of God found in these ancient pages. 541 more words


An Examination: The Mary of Scripture Compared with the Mary of the Roman Catholic Church

The purpose of this study is borne out of love and edification for my Catholic friends.

It has been said that because I have come to the truth of scripture and oppose the doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church that I “don’t like Catholics,” and other like comments.  2,257 more words

The NIV Sola Scriptura Bible Project | Book Review

When I lived and worked in Southern California, I drove the 405 Freeway every day. A 2013 U.S. Department of Transportation study found the 405 to be… 1,429 more words

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