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Why I Keep Crawling Back to the Altar of God (part 1)

I believe in God, that Mary was a virgin,the sky being blue, gravity, some of evolution has to claim, and the lower number of Christians in this modern age of America. 772 more words

Lectionary Gospel - Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord - March 29, 2015





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“Clear eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!”

I’ll admit it.  Hollianne and I are fans of the television show Friday Night Lights.  Many of you have watched it.  306 more words

Words of Belief - An Invitation to the Quran and Torah

Listen people, I do not seek any money or reward from you, for what I say of God (Yahawah/ Allah). I do not ask of you of anything that you listen and reflect. 1,546 more words

Just Teddy


Psalms 34:17 When the righteous cry for help, the LORD hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.

I didn’t know this verse when I was in middle school. 242 more words


Candy Bar Mom, My Hero: Battling Bad Behavior in Public

Even though I was working in the back-end of the store, I  heard the customer’s child screaming demands at his mom. I had been trudging along at work for hours and found myself very irritated by the child’s behavior. 581 more words


Tattoo or Not to Tattoo?

I recently commented on someone’s blog post concerning tattoos. The battle of ‘should Christians have tattoos or not?’ I do not know how my comment will be received and I thought that either way I will also post what my thoughts are on the subject here as well. 1,295 more words