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The Goodness of God and Nature

When my son was around four years old, after researching homeschooling for a while, I landed upon Charlotte Mason.  I was excited to start “school” with my little one and wanted to know what I could do.   590 more words


Why I'm #Lutheran

I have this youthful desire to make Lutheran into a hashtag or trending topic or something like that. It’s a silly desire, but its partly  747 more words


Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

One day, while working on an article for our synod’s monthly publication, listening to tracks I was working on, and browsing my Twitter-feed (my wife would remind me here that nobody can actually multitask, they only do said tasks terribly and all at once), I saw Pope Francis tweet this out… 1,672 more words



“Kingdom representatives, call us ambassadors–we happen to be rappers but that’s not even the half of us.” -Stephen the Levite (from “Talk A Lot” by ‘The Ambassador’).¹ 1,423 more words


Father God, Mother Earth and a Birthday Newt

A pretty little newt came to say hello to me on my birthday. Okay, I’m not sure it was deliberate on her part. Greg was digging out the pond and uncovered her, resting in the mud. 801 more words


Carefully Considering (The Note about DiMaggio).

Steven Mueller, regarding the Lutheran Confessions, suggests that “We cannot honestly say that we agree unless we have read and studied both the Scriptures and the confessions.” Similarly, Edmund Schlink, in… 2,659 more words


...by Hope We Continue

What is Christian hope? What is it that we hope for? And what is the basis for such hope? 1,209 more words