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16 Importance Biblical Archaeological Finds!!!


18. Esarhaddon

Esarhaddon was an Assyrian king noted in Biblical passages such as 2 Kings 19:37. He erected the monument shown in the picture to commemorate a military victory in Egypt.  2,850 more words

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17 Importance Biblical Archaeological Finds


1. Yahweh inscription, c. 1400 BC

This photo displays a reproduction of the oldest known inscription of the name “Yahweh,” the personal name of God (cf. 4,507 more words

Biblical Archaeology

Top ten yet-to-be-discovered finds in biblical archaeology

From time to time, one will see a list of the top ten finds in biblical archaeology, usually within a certain time period (e.g., “the top ten finds of 2014″). 3,030 more words

Biblical Archaeology

Statue of Tirhakah discovered in Sudan Posted on January 10, 2010


Statue of Tirhakah discovered in Sudan

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Owen Jarus reports in The Independent the discovery of a massive statue of Pharaoh Taharqa deep in Sudan. 1,568 more words

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50 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically


50 People in the Bible Confirmed Archaeologically

A web-exclusive supplement to Lawrence Mykytiuk’s “Archaeology Confirms 50 Real People in the Bible” feature in the March/April 2014 issue of BAR… 6,306 more words

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Did Pontius Pilate ever really exist?

The Pilate inscription.

Until 1961, there was no concrete archaeological evidence that Pontius Pilate, the fifth governor of Judea, ever existed. There were accounts of him, of course, not least the accounts in the Gospels. 233 more words

Pilate Inscription

Judaism Vs Biblical Criticism

Critically analysing the Kuzari and the Foundations of Judaism

Jews are known for arguing and they disagree over many issues. Whether or not the Torah was received from God at Sinai is not one of them. 5,226 more words