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From Beach to Desert - TB&TS 2015 Tour Report #2

Waking up on the first day of vacation is always a thrill, especially with a Mediterranean beach out the window.

After a short walk and a nice breakfast buffet we were on our way. 564 more words

Watch "The Apostle Paul at Rhodes" on Revelation TV

Since 2011 I have been producing and presenting a number of Biblical, Historical and Theologically based documentaries. I have been making films for a number of years now and my latest documentary “The Apostle Paul at Rhodes” was filmed in 2014 during my visit to the Greek Island of Rhodes. 181 more words

Biblical Archaeology

Archaeology: Biblical Narrative Supported

“Israeli archaeologists, mathematicians and physicists are joining forces to uncover the meaning behind inscriptions found on pottery fragments believed to be more than 2,500 years old. 140 more words


Wilderness Rising: A.L. Shields

Most people recognize the name ‘Pilate’. More than a name, he infamously washed his hands of Jesus’ crucifixion. Truth be told, not a whole lot is known of him apart from this event. 391 more words

Book Reviews

#1474-1475 Hershel Shanks - Forty Years of Biblical Archaeology Reviews

In the early days of The Book & The Spade radio program, we relied on two key resources to find out what was going on in biblical archaeology: Biblical Archaeology Review and the Jerusalem Post. 142 more words

Archaeologist believes he’s found site of Jesus’s trial by Pontius Pilate

Original post from The Times of Israel

‘……..Jerusalem Old City dig uncovers 2,700 years of history, with layers from the time of the First Temple through the Roman, Crusader and Ottoman periods… 817 more words