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WV Mayor Resigns Over a Racist Post, and Why I Wrote Johnny Came Home

When I wrote my first book, Johnny Came Home, I decided to set it in a fictional town in my home state of West Virginia. I’m very proud of the great state of West Virginia. 1,426 more words

Defending Genesis

The Implications of Biblical Creationism - Genesis 1:1

9.25.16 AUDIO ONLY

Genuine belief in biblical creationism provides a worldview foundation that affects every aspect of one’s life. Jonathan Edwards shows us how crucial this belief is while answering the following questions. 38 more words


When the creationist model beat the evolutionist model

According to James M. McGrath of Patheos:

On the other hand, if young-earth creationism were true, then the methods that mainstream oil prospectors use to find oil, based on an old earth and processes that young-earth creationists dismiss as “uniformitarian,” ought to be fundamentally flawed.

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