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When the creationist model beat the evolutionist model

According to James M. McGrath of Patheos:

On the other hand, if young-earth creationism were true, then the methods that mainstream oil prospectors use to find oil, based on an old earth and processes that young-earth creationists dismiss as “uniformitarian,” ought to be fundamentally flawed.

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Can Creationists Be Scientists?

Please see https://answersingenesis.org

Although evolutionists interpret the evidence in light of their belief in evolution, science works perfectly well without any connection to evolution.

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I believe in Science

Amazing Video by Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministry
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Humanism only Allowed Public Religion - Scientific Evidence for Creation

(by Bruce Malone, used with permission)
Neither creation nor evolution can be proven by the scientific method. However, by examining which model best explains the observations of science, we can determine which is the correct explanation for our existence. 521 more words