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Being Discipled to Make Disciples who Make Disciples

Despite the great flurry of activity that marks our local church gatherings, we quite often fail to produce disciples who make disciples. That is, while the heart of the church’s mission is to make disciples (Matt 28:16–20), the work of our churches and the individuals who comprise a local church usually reflect a number of other missions: “good” missions for sure, but not… 1,086 more words


Volunteer Disciples

Volunteer is a difficult word at times. It can mean people with an unprofessional, well-meaning, noblesse oblige. “Oh they’re just volunteers lending a hand!” people say. 381 more words

Children's Ministry

My absence does get noted!

It’s been a while since the last blog, I know.  I hope the absence wasn’t too noted.  Since the last update, Africa’s Discipleship movement took great leaps forward in Ethiopia.  377 more words


From Laputa and Sisyphus to Mountain Movement

As a boy I used to love Jesus’ statement about faith moving mountains (Mt 21:21-22).  I pictured people more powerful than Star Wars’ Yoda lifting huge rocks by use of a faith greater than “the force”.  363 more words


J. Lee Grady on 6 Kinds of Mentors Who Can Help You Grow Spiritually

God doesn’t want us to live in isolation. I realized many years ago that I desperately need people in my life in order to fulfill my purpose. 517 more words


The Cost

It is of immense value to occasionally and somberly reconsider the cost of following Jesus Christ. Of course, from the onset, the cost has been counted; the first profession of faith in Christ as LORD and Savior is the moment that a true believer dies to himself and picks up his cross to follow Jesus. 961 more words


Disciples make disciples

Discipleship is something that is a very hot topic right now in the church culture.  I would say this is such a hot topic because there is a void in biblical disciple making in our church culture.  278 more words