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Biblical Studies and Systematic Theology: An Allegory

This is anecdotal, and, for the purposes of this post, a bit hyperbolic, but in my experience there is still a divide within evangelical scholarship between biblical studies and systematic theology. 521 more words

Theological Interpretation

Some Help with Bible Difficulties and Interpretation

There is no book in existence like the Bible, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t difficult verses or passages in Scripture.

When we consider that the Bible was written over the course of 1400-1500 years, in three continents and in primarily two languages (Hebrew and Greek) — beginning 3,000 years ago — we must allow for the need to understand it in its historical, cultural and linguistic setting. 560 more words

Biblical Studies

Giving His Life for You

Session 4 | Giving His Life for You

Join us as we journey through the Scriptures to be edified together and acquire a connected understanding of God’s grace using one of our favorite resources, ‘ 72 more words


Believing, The Greatest Law

Believing is the greatest law in the Bible. To know what is available from God you have to know what God’s Word says. I believe that the Word of God is the Will of God and that if we are going to know the Will of God we must go back and read the Word of God, the Bible. 652 more words

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Computers Decipher Burnt Scroll Found in Ancient Holy Ark

Scientists have formally announced their reconstruction of the Ein Gedi Scroll, the most ancient Hebrew scroll since the Dead Sea Scrolls.

CHR Comment: The Ein Gedi Scroll contains a text of Leviticus that is consistent with the Masoretic text used by Jews and Christians today. 75 more words

Early Church

How Idolatry Ruined Israel

1 Corinthians 10:1-14

I want to continue looking at Paul’s instructions to the Corinthians regarding eating food sacrificed to idols and the extent of Christian liberty. 1,033 more words

Christians And Culture

Presentation: The Position of Reception History in Biblical Studies

I presented this presentation and paper to the Australian group, the Fellowship of Biblical Studies, in Melbourne, 26/09/16. It concerns both the value & risks of reception history for biblical studies and consideration of the similarity and differences in practice between reception history ( 94 more words

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