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Ten Lines of Evidence for Interpreting Ezekiel 40-48 as Depicting a Literal Temple

Image: Tom Vanderwell

Here is a piece which originally belonged in some correspondence I had with a covenant theologian.  I have added a few things, but I think it makes a decent stand-alone article.  945 more words


Prophetic Dissonance (Part 4): Joel's Day of the Lord

As Israel fell to Assyria and Judah fell to Babylon, the people of God had to do some serious soul-searching. Assyria all but wiped out the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 727 BCE, of which precious few remnants remained. 788 more words


A Living God

Pitch, fat, and hair boiled together

A concoction brewed to burst serpentine

Lies scaled, the pitiful dragon stands

Miniscule, no god like the mother

Leviathan in her watery keeping. 32 more words


A Lunch with Angels

There you were in the field a

Proto-monastic and your breaded

Soup bucket to nourish the reapers,

Habakkuk, taking the afternoon

Away from pen and papery damnation… 52 more words


Sermon for the Second Sunday in Advent, Year B

My sermon for the the second Sunday in Advent, year B, given on December 10, 2017 at Trinity Episcopal Church in Southport, CT. The readings for the day were: 1,523 more words

Biblical Studies

Matriarchal Lies

“She knew what she did,” thought

Rebekah, condemning the matriarch her

Nearly lost son, “letting him carry the

Wood the whole way!” She swore curses… 167 more words


Wise Men. Not too smart though.

I am going to write today about the geopolitical savvy of the Wise Men.[1] They were academics who studied the stars and when they saw one that portended a new king of the Jews, they knew immediately where to go. 1,159 more words

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