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God and Evolution

I have been thinking about evolution and its relationship to Christianity for a while. Over the past couple of months I began to see how compatible and in fact complimentary sound biblical theology and the theory of evolution are. 34 more words


Canonical Hermeneutics and Systemic Injustices

I watched the #PhilandoCastile dash cam video about an hour ago and am still horrified. This case appears to me to be a miscarriage of justice on every level, from the 50ish stops in 14 years to which Castile was subjected, to the actions of the officer, to the acquittal of the officer by the jury. 536 more words

Biblical Theology

To My Children

To my children, when you’re old enough, a phrase which here means “when the community which is raising you determines you are wise and knowledgeable enough to comprehend and digest this in a meaningful way,” 806 more words

Biblical Theology

The Beginning of the Story (Genesis 1:1-2:3)

The story of Creation starts right at the beginning of the Bible. The stage is set, the main characters introduced and we begin to read about who God is and what he is doing in time and space.  1,654 more words

Sovereign God

Old Testament Allusions and The Apocalypse of John (Revelation), 1:1-3

As we begin our trek through the book of Revelation, diving deep beneath the surface, our goal is to understand the Old Testament allusions the beloved disciple of Jesus uses so we can better grasp what the original audience would have understood from John and the Divine Author. 776 more words


More on Greg Boyd’s Insistence on Making the Cross Central [CWG chapter five]

Ted Grimsrud—June 16, 2017

The cross in the gospels

In chapter five, “The Cruciform Center, Part 2: The Cross as the Thematic Center of the Gospel” (pages 173–229), Boyd has a helpful treatment of the cross as presented in the gospels. 2,426 more words


Sheol: The Abode of the Dead (A Study of the Imagery of Sheol [שְׁאוֹל] in the Book of Psalms)

1. Introduction

Sheol is often defined as the “abode of the dead.” “Conceived of as situated in the depths of the earth, Sheol is a place of physical deathin contrast to the vitality of life on earth with all of its brightness and activity (cf. 3,784 more words

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