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Christian Biblical Reflections.17

(Here are pages 342-375 of CBR.17 of Samuel-Esther, and the details of the Kings, Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemia, and Esther. PDF of CBR from Genesis to Esther, 375 pages. 18,526 more words

Christian Biblical Reflections.16

(Here are pages 298-342 of CBR 16, 1st & 2nd Kings. Several personal family matters (but God is good and merciful!) has delayed my installments of the Reflections of the Historical Books from Kings to Esther. 34,345 more words

The Particular Baptist View of the Mosaic Covenant

In my last post, I talked about the Abrahamic Covenant and as much as I didn’t want to start a new blog post series, it sure seems I’m heading in that direction. 934 more words


Poetry in the Bible

I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time and it is finally here. The folks over at The Bible Project have begun their series on biblical poetry. 85 more words

Bible Study

The Particular Baptist View of the Abrahamic Covenant

Many of us have at least somewhat of a grasp on the Covenant of Works (CoW) and the Covenant of Grace (CoG). I know that knowledge of these two covenants were foundational in learning more about Baptist covenant theology in general. 1,144 more words


God Is Merciful

Today’s Lesson

Read Exodus 34:6 and Ezekiel 18:23.

God is merciful and gracious. Even though He punishes the wicked because God is holy and just, God would rather see all human beings repent so He would forgive them and grant them grace ( 234 more words


New Studies in Biblical Theology

Yesterday, I reviewed W. Ross Blackburn’s The God Who Makes Himself Known. This is one of forty-four volumes currently in the New Studies in Biblical Theology… 567 more words

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