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Unity and The Call of Abraham

The purpose of these recent entries is to set before the reader’s mind the central theme of unity in the purpose of God in Biblical History. 1,074 more words

Biblical Theology

Generational Curses Part 1: An Introduction

From the very beginning of time, the wicked have been been attempting to deceive those to whom God has revealed his truth.  Those deceptions have sometimes been blatant, but more often than not they’ve been subtle; somewhat-credible sounding ideas that generally fly under the radar of most folks.  1,496 more words


The Skeleton Key of the OT

The relationship between the Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures is one in which discontinuity abounds or so it seems on a surface level. Understanding the relationship between the testaments has been a matter of great theological difficulty; however, the difficulty arises as a result of having an improper emphasis or centrality placed on Davidic kings, a national people, or ceremonial law in the Old Testament. 5,387 more words

Exegetical Theology

Introducing "How" To Do Biblical Theology: Fifteen Axioms from Graeme Goldsworthy

This week our Sunday School classes begin a summer-long study of According to Plan: An Introduction to Biblical Theology.

It is not hyperbole to say Graeme Goldsworthy’s book was revolutionary in my understanding of Scripture, theology, hermeneutics, and preaching. 1,164 more words


Keeping the Slaughter of Canaan in Context

Are the conquest narratives in the Old Testament any different from what we are currently viewing with ISIS throughout the Middle East and Europe? Questions like this often come up in discussing the existence of objective moral values and duties and their proper grounding. 1,855 more words

Biblical Theology

Ode to the Church

Every seven days a rebirthed humanity, inflamed with a shared Spirit, gathers around a common table to hear the true story of the world.

Church isn’t merely steeples and Sunday School classes, pulpits and pews, praise bands and bulletins. 858 more words


Prophet Samuel and the Messianic Hope

There is a messianic hope that we can trace through the Scripture, and the story of Samuel helps us to see that messianic hope.