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Healthy leaves have holes –

Tender leaves Disappear –

Naked stalks revealed!

Demands Time –

Effort of the Eyes –

To Find who was behind this all! 67 more words

Biblical Thoughts

Lunch time Reflections

I was almost finishing my meal which included a boiled egg sandwich, veg salad, fruit juice and there was also raita which is a combination of onions, cucumbers, carrots, green chilies, tomatoes in curds. 182 more words

Biblical Thoughts

Don't Judge, Just Love

Jesus is the best teacher from all that I’ve read for a quarter of a century – well I’m not 25, I started reading at the age of 5 :) 227 more words

Biblical Thoughts

Sheep, Wolves, Serpent and Doves

The people of the book called the Bible, some good Christians, most preachers would effortlessly identify the title “Sheep, Wolves, Serpent and Doves” with the verse quoted by the Son of God himself. 624 more words

Biblical Thoughts

We Will Eat the Fruit of Our Lips...

Someone told me that over six months ago and it still preaches volumes to me everyday. It’s been a hard pill to swallow that many of the results in my life have been from the harvest of the fruit of my lips. 473 more words

You have kept the good wine until now!

It was a beautiful evening to thank God for all His goodness as my parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

Everything went as planned, there were not many interruptions except for the fact that there were heavy rains that lashed the city and we had some power cuts in between. 410 more words

Biblical Thoughts

The Old Testament's Importance

It is important that we see that the Old Testament is crucial to know and not to just leave it out of the Bible entirely. If we did not have the Old Testament, then we could not possibly understand everything in the New Testament. 379 more words

Biblical Thoughts