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Don't quit when its messy!

The toughest part of summer vacations is to keep children engaged productively without giving too much into their tantrums. And a good way I thought was to engage my girl Jessica with a craft project, well that’s a little selfishness from my end😜 618 more words

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What to throw away?

It was a ritual mandated by mom that once we finish school and we start our holidays, we were asked to clean our book shelves and throw away the old books and the trash that got collected for the year. 953 more words

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Oil Wasted!

Last week was filled with a lot of people at home, my kitchen was over used, food, fun and some good fellowship. We had family gatherings for my Father-in-law and my daughters birthday at home. 759 more words

Biblical Thoughts

Curse, Confusion and Frustration - Whats the solution?

I am still unable to get my thoughts off the gruesome incident I just heard yesterday. I have been battling within myself how can this happen? 763 more words

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In the end....

The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride. Says Solomon the wise man in Ecclesiastes 7:8

Today we collected Jessica’s report card for her first academic year of her life. 204 more words

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What are you perched on?

Every evening when I get back home, I pass a tree, surrounded by garbage and no sight of life on its dead branches. After a few days I noticed that the empty dead branches of the tree has become a resting place for a few birds. 455 more words

Biblical Thoughts

Missing Something?

Today I was talking to one of my closest friends, and we were talking about a place that is very special to our hearts. Samoa. Samoa was more home to him, seeing as he was born there, than it was to me. 461 more words