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Most Common Pitfall

We are to order our lives by the light of His law, not our guesses about His plan.

— J. C. Ryle

I was awakened by this quote so simple in its content yet so powerful in its message! 225 more words

Biblical Thoughts

Trinity Thoughts

The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation by Richard Rohr

I picked up this book in an ongoing attempt to figure my shit out. Religion has and will always interest me, and the idea of the Trinity is something that I grew up with in both a Christian household and Christian schooling. 548 more words

Amazing Faith

A letter to those who bombed the church in Egypt.  If only my faith was as strong as this:


Biblical Teaching

Readers Block, S-Town, Tattoos, etc.

I am having a really hard time with reading this year. I was SUPER optimistic with my reading  goal for this year, and so far I’ve only read F O U R books. 358 more words

Doggy and Doraemon

In an endeavor to make a photo journal of my kids, I took some time off, going through all the precious pictures through the last 6 years. 413 more words

Biblical Thoughts


I received a Watsapp video on the group, an awesome short film that everyone should watch.

If you’ve watched this short film, you can relate to my post better. 372 more words

Biblical Thoughts

The Tree and the Bird!

A stroll at my office walkway, a fresh dose of breeze wakes my sleeping mind, the sun rays sharp yet mild seeps in, waking my every cell. 377 more words

Biblical Thoughts